Google’s Growing Properties

    January 31, 2008

Out of all the top Google properties search still commands the most traffic accounting for 70.10 percent of visits according to a Hitwise analysis for the week ending January 26 2008.

Google’s YouTube grabbed 10.09 percent of the market share, followed by Google Image Search at 6.82 percent and Gmail trailed with 6.30 percent. and YouTube continue to have solid growth. Google ranked #1 and YouTube # 10 last week in share of U.S. Internet visits.

Markets share of U.S. Internet visits to Google increased 20 percent year on year last week and YouTube’s visits rose 19 percent. YouTube’s growth is partly due to a decline in traffic to Google Video, which was down 57 percent year on year last week. Google Video accounted for 0.59 percent of Google’s market share last week.

A handful of properties have seen their traffic more than double year on year, including Google Maps, Blogger, Google Groups, Google Calendar and Picassa Web Albums.

Properties that had a decrease in traffic include Google Toolbar down 31 percent, Google Pack decreased by 32 percent, Orkut fell 15 percent and Google video dropping by more than half at 57 percent.

More than 113 billion core searches were done in the U.S. during all of 2007, with Google Sites accounting for close to 64 billion and a 56 percent share of the market according to comScore.