Google’s Got Headcount Under Control. Really?

    October 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A Google recruiter dropped a pitch to a Yahoo staffer into our inbox (and we know why, and who the target was); it looks like Google isn’t quite over its hiring binge yet.

The important thing here is that we did in fact correct and I think going forward, you should be comfortable that we are paying a lot of attention to the headcount.

— Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the company’s hiring practices, October 18th earnings call.

Hi Xxx,

My name is Xxx Xxx and I’m an executive recruiter with Google. I wanted to drop you a line with regards to an excellent development opportunity we have here at Google. Your background at Yahoo! is very impressive. I wanted to see if you would be interested in confidentially exploring an executive level Product Management role within our organization.

— excerpt of a misdirected email that landed in a WebProNews inbox.

Wall Street types have been grumbling over Google’s rampant hiring surge. It had an impact on Google’s second quarter numbers, and appeared to have continued into the third quarter.

Schmidt may explain this away as a cyclical issue, where collegians accept positions with Google early in the year and start after graduation. But pitching someone who works for a competitor isn’t the same thing.

In recruiting, it’s widely accepted that the best candidate for a job probably has a job already, and isn’t looking for another one. That’s where recruiting efforts come in, as a way to possibly detach a worthy individual from the soulless tyrant he or she works for today, to come work for the Utopian paradise the recruiter represents.

If anything, the misdirected email demonstrates Google isn’t finished hiring by a long shot, and really no growing company ever is finished. We figured out where the recruiter got his information and who he wanted to reach, and all we can say is, Google recruiter person, you’re really confused.