Google’s Game-Related Shame Deepens

    September 7, 2007

A few weeks ago, we were able to run the headline “Yahoo Better Than Google At Unimportant Games.”  Consider this a follow-up, only, to Mountain View’s dismay, you can substitute “Facebook” for “Yahoo” and leave everything else the same.

Google's Game-Related Shame Deepens
Google’s Game-Related Shame Deepens

First it was slot car racing and cricket; now it’s ultimate frisbee – seems that Google can’t get anything (unimportant) right.  To make matters worse, Google’s actually lost twice to Facebook in the past two weeks.

Valleywag’s Owen Thomas chronicled both competitions, and following the more recent one, wrote, “After a 15-11 loss in an ultimate frisbee match against a team of scrappy Facebookers, disc-flinging Googlers swore revenge.  But the social network left the search engine, again, unable to find victory, dishing out another 15-12 tromping earlier this week.”

Google’s team did one point better than before, I suppose, but its performance wasn’t good enough to keep a Facebook employee from saying something about “all that free food weighing them down.”  That remark leaves me somewhere between a wince and a laugh.

In either case, my money’s still on Google in most business situations.  But on any playing field, it’s starting to look like the other team – whoever they may be – is the better bet.