Google’s fresh link filter discussion on SEO Radio

    April 11, 2005

Google’s alleged fresh link filter is on the minds of many website owners and search engine optimization professionals. If indeed, Google is filtering new links into web pages, and not providing full link popularity transfer, then SEO is a whole new ballgame.

Read Wayne’s post explaining the Google Filter.

In summary, the fresh link filter is all about new incoming links not sending all of their link power at once. According to the theory, a link’s Google Juice is partially held back, and then released more and more as the inbound link ages.

New links become more valuable over time, meaning that older established links to a web page are much more valuable.

I will be discussing the fresh link filter theory, along with well known host Brad Fallon, on Search Engine Radio on Tuesday, April 12.

The radio show starts at 12:00 noon Eastern Time, 11:00 am Central Time, and 9:00 am Pacific Time.

As the show’s special guest, I will be discussing fresh links, the Google Sandbox theory, and other related and often seemingly contradictory aspects of the much talked about Google patent application.

As a website owner or blogger, you will want to know how Google evaluates your newly acquired inbound links with the Link Dampening Filter.

If you have a brand new blog or website, that has just gone live on the internet, you’ll want to know about the Google Sandbox theory.

Be listening to SEO Radio and I’ll try to provide you with the latest SEO news and ideas on everything regarding the Link Dampening Filter, and the Google Sandbox.

My mission and my goal, is to put even complex SEO theories into plain English, so we can all understand them. By sharing knowledge and understanding we all benefit.

In the meantime, be sure to read my articles on the Google’s New Link Dampening Filter and on the Google Sandbox filter.

On Tuesday, April 12, tune into SEO Radio and discover the world of SEO along with me.

Find yourself on the cutting edge of SEO theory and practice.

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