Google’s Cutts Talks Link Limits

    November 25, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video about how many links you should have on a page.

In summary, Google used to advise people not to have more than a hundred links on a page, but now you can get by with more than that. According to Cutts there’s no real limit, though there might be. Just don’t have too many. But don’t worry about it too much.

Confused? That’s because there’s no real answer here. The basic gist is just: be reasonable. Of course that’s subjective, but here’s what Cutts says:

He says, “It used to be the case that Googlebot and our indexing system would truncate at 100 or 101K, and anything beyond that wouldn’t get indexed, and what we did, was we said, ‘Okay, if the page is 101K, 100K, then, you know, it’s reasonable to expect roughly one link per kilobyte, and therefore, something like 100 links on a page.’ So that was in our technical guidelines, and we said, you know, ‘This is what we recommend,’ and a lot of people assumed that if they had 102 links or something like that then we would view it as spam, and take action, but that was just kind of a rough guideline.”

“Nonetheless, the web changes,” he continues. “It evolves. In particular, webpages have gotten a lot bigger. There’s more rich media, and so it’s not all that uncommon to have aggregators or various things that might have a lot more links, so we removed that guideline, and we basically just now say, ‘Keep it to a reasonable number,’ which I think is pretty good guidance. There may be a limit on the file size that we have now, but it’s much larger, and at the same time, the number of links that we can process on a page is much larger.”

“A couple factors to bear in mind,” he notes. “When you have PageRank, the amount of PageRank that flows through the outlinks is divided by the number of total outlinks, so if you have, you know, 100 links, you’ll divide your PageRank by 100. If you have 1,000 links, you’ll divide your PageRank by 1,000. So if you have a huge amount of links, the amount of PageRank that’s flowing out on each individual link can become very, very small. So the other thing is it can start to annoy users, or it can start to look spammy if you have tons and tons and tons of links, so we are willing to take action on the webspam side if we see so many links that it looks really, really spammy.”

If you’re concerned about having too many links on a page, Cutts suggests getting a “regular user,” and testing it out with them to see if they think it has too many links.

So, in the end, just ask a friend, “Hey man, do you think this page has too many links?”

Problem solved.

  • http://techguru3d.com/gmail-login-www-gmail-com-gmail-sign-in/ SAJID

    I recently checked and got to know i have 108 links…. but i think its fine… Thanks Matt cuts for the clarification

    • http://www.seoservices.net.nz Perry Bernard

      Hi Sajid, I think many sites will have much more than 100 links, mega menus have made it possible to keep large numbers of links fairly tidy, whereas if you simply had lots of links on anchor texts all through your page, that would start to look very spammy as Matt says.

  • http://www.seoservices.net.nz Perry Bernard

    Quite interesting, but frankly, I’m more interested in what Matt seems to leave out in this video. He makes reference to the fact that Google used to crawl to about a 100k depth, and ignore the rest, but went on to say “it’s much more now”. How much more, Matt? I wonder if he’d tell us? Can I assume that “much more” means 4x as much? 16x as much? I assume this increase is dictated by changes both bandwidth and storage capacity. Does anyone know what the limit is now?

  • http://www.aditmicrosys.com/ Hemang Shah

    Well Article said when you are putting 100 or more link in proper way It’s going to be Spam.. Killing SEO.. Or Advance SEO.. What you said about this…

  • http://www.flaminghotmedia.com Flaming Hot Media

    One of our clients got a domain attack from a competitor who spammed the the domain with thousands of poor spammy links, and took them off the 1st page of Google, as Google penalised them. Does this mean that it is going to be very easy now to take the competition out, by adding not necessarily a large number of bad links to a site, but any link, as long as it goes over what Google is saying a limit? Does this also mean, that each link that points to a url, using trackback, links are fully maximised to optimise those links, and those links in turn are done the same and so on and so, so each trail of link has a maximum?

  • http://www.fopcopiertoner.com Barry Jackman

    I have real trouble following what Matt Cutt’s says anymore because Page Rank is all but dead and he keeps referring to it. I use to follow what he said like it was gospel but lately my site gets penalized by dropping further in the rankings. http://www.fopcopiertoner.com traditionally has been in the top five links.

  • http://www.canadawebservices.com/ renu

    Does he referring internal links or External links?
    Please clarify. If its internal then why the limit is placed to 100 URLs?

    As the PR will be shared across inner pages. Which is not a bad thing I think.

  • http://www.redcherryinc.ca Dan Carter

    Very interesting. I have not heard this before.

  • http://www.sumab.ro Danut Mihai

    Hello, what should I do and how many links on Say where. Thank you very much