Google's Charitable Side Shows Through In 2011


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Helping those less fortunate than you is one of life's simplest pleasures to accomplish. Acts of charity, thoughtfulness, and kindness -- even if you aren't a multi-billion dollar conglomerate -- leave lasting impressions that resonate with both the giver and recipient. For the huge corporations, it also gives them something of a soul, instead of remaining a soulless monolith that only cares about profits.

Take Google, for instance. While this may come across as bragging, drawing attention to the charitable work you contribute serves a number of purposes, and that's not even including the actual good being done. While discussing the amount of money you've contributed my come across as crass or arrogance, or even a simple public relations move, when you're dealing with a vocal minority claiming "Google is evil" or Google only cares about their bottom line," then such announcements are understandable.

Thanks to a Google+ post from Jason Mayes, we are now aware of the impact the Google Gives Back program had. Contributing more than $100 million to organizations around the world. Over at the Google Gives Back page, there's a video compilation of the program's effectiveness, showing where and how Google's resources helped others:

There's also a disclaimer, explaining Google's approach to charitable activities:

At Google, philanthropy is a core value. This year we gave more than $100 million to various organizations around the world -- including $40 million in grants that celebrate the giving season by supporting four causes that we consider particularly important: science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education; girls' education; empowerment through technology; and fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

The page then offers specific breakdowns, discussing how Google is trying to assist with each issue discussed in their disclaimer, complete with video:

STEM education:

Girl's education:

Technological empowerment:

Combating modern day slavery and human trafficking:

Pertinent information about one of the companies that will help shape our future or shameless plugs? For those who may think these videos are crass promotional attempts, let me know when Apple's charitable side does as much as Google's.