Google’s Android Phone Slated For Autumn Arrival?

Magic Eight Ball says, "Probably"

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Waiting for the Google phone is like waiting for the birth of a child. In fact, the most recent rumors have it arriving about the same time as my daughter, as early as September 17, as late as mid-October. My daughter, currently in private beta, will likely be more exciting, to me at least.

For early adopters of the open Android-based handset from HTC—the rumor mill settled last November on the HTC Dream as the device of choice—sources are reporting the phone will sell for as little as $150 at a Sept. pre-sale for existing T-Mobile customers only. Everybody else will not only have to wait until October, they’ll have to pay $399 for it and sign up for a reportedly budget-busting data plan from T-Mobile.

But hey, chances are, since this is an Open Handset Alliance thing, there won’t be the equivalent of an Apple kill-switch for undesirable software. However, according to one report, customers will be required to have a Gmail account to activate the phone, which seems kind of nasty on Google’s part. Then again, it’s only a rumor.

The expected (rumored) launch is in line with previous statements from Google and HTC, which confirmed availability sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. That’s right around the corner and pretty smart in terms of holiday season timing. Luckily my daughter won’t be demanding one quite so early in her life—there are things like car seats and high chairs to consider however. I hear these "babies" are fairly high maintenance.

Google’s Android Phone Slated For Autumn Arrival?
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  • http://kreuzer33.wordpress.com John Kreuzer

    This is certainly big news across the Web today. I think I’ll remain in a wait and see pattern for now.



  • Out of touch Ben

    Pardon my extreme level of ignorance, but what about the google androginous I mean android phone makes it so special?


  • Friedrich, Baron von Hanstein


    …and it’s special because Google tells you so through subliminal commands hidden within AdWords.



  • http://www.siku-moja.blogspot.com Nairobia

    its been quite a long wait, cant wait to actually get the phone though im sure it will take atleast an year for it to be distributed in Africa

  • http://www.brianmoreau.com Guest

    Don’t believe all you read..

    Well new products always have problems which delay launch and the publicity the delays create are all good from a marketing point of view.


    As for network and handset restrictions…

    The whole point of Androide is it is open source and it runs on Linux, considering Linux can be installed on just about any platform with a processor in it from satnavs to freezers there are no restrictions.


    Go to any good Linux site and you can download it now and install it on almost anything you want, add Android and your away.


    There are also 1000’s of people writing software applications for this platform.

  • http://www.protection-direct.com Jeromy

    As a T-Mobile Emplyee for the last 3 years I know a good deal about the phone.  From the demos I have seen of the phone it self and the Android platform it will be very mean little phone.  T-Mobiles data plan is currently 19.99 a month and will not change for the G-Phone.

    Granted right now most of the country is limited to the standard GPRS and EDGE data service however our 3 G network fill be fully ramped up by the end of the year. 

    The G-Phone is currently going threw our quality tests and is projected to release mid October if all goes well. 

    As we all know the big G makes most of their money from their adds.  One of the starnge and kind of stalker ish things the phone will have the ability to do is track your location and display ads for local business which is a little strange.

    Overall the phone should be an Iphone killer.  It is not as cool looking but the open source code is the key to this phone.  Anyone that developes software will have the ability to disign for the phone thanks to Googles open API for pretty much everything they do.  Google also has a big cash prize out for the best software for the phone. 

    A good example of this is a program that uses the GPS to tell when rooms you are in in your office building and will turning your ringer on and off accordingly.  That is a small example but as people know Windows Mobiles have a large following of software designers and I’m sure the G-Phone will have an even larger one. 

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    I am hearing reports of the Android OS being vulnerable to attacks, does anyone have more info on this?

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