Google’s AJAX Search API Says ‘Hello, World’

    June 5, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google has released a downloadable beta version of its AJAX Search API, a javascript library that allows webmasters to embed inline Google searches (Web, local, video, and blog) in web pages, blogs, and other applications alongside existing content.

Google says the API is designed to be used on user-generated content sites like message boards, blogs, et cetera, allowing users to copy search results directly into their messages.
The company warns, though, that during the beta process there may be bugs. Google has a discussion group to address the possible issues.

From the API documentation:

The search control displays itself within the web page through a call to the GSearchControl draw() method; this method also binds the search control onto your page (within the DOM). By default, a search control draws in a “linear” layout; you may also instruct the control to draw in a “tabbed” layout.

A user initiates a search by entering search terms into the search control’s text field followed by pressing the ENTER key or clicking on the search button to the right of the input field. The search control will automatically begin a parallel search across the requested Google services. You may also initiate a search programmatically by calling the search control’s execute() method, passing an argument of search terms.

Numerous visual examples are given of the layouts that can be integrated into a webpage as well as a detailed description. Webmasters can begin the download at the API signup page.


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