Google’s Ads Per Keyword Output In High Gear

    December 8, 2008

While interpretations of its activity may vary, a new report indicates that Google’s been inarguably busy.  On an international level, the search giant’s ramped things up in a somewhat unprecedented manner, tossing out roughly 38 percent more ads per keyword in November than either Yahoo or Microsoft.

Google displayed an average of 4.38, according to AdGooroo.  Yahoo and Microsoft put out 3.19 and 3.17, respectively.  Nicholas Carlson did some math involving Google’s past stats, and came up with a 75 percent increase compared to its third quarter average.

 Google Grabbing More Advertisers
(Credit: AdGooRoo)

He wrote as a result, "Our theory is that Google’s either trying to ‘shock and awe’ Wall Street — which has begun to trim expectations and price targets for the company — with a blow out quarter, or that Google’s desperately trying to hit the numbers that are already out there."

Either way, Google seems to be succeeding.  AdGooroo pegs its monthly growth in terms of advertiser count a good 5 to 15 percent ahead of what Yahoo and Microsoft since September.  Google’s arguably getting better advertisers, too, with its top two being Amazon and eBay.  Yahoo attracted and, while Microsoft scored eBay and its own Live Search.

Google should announce its fourth quarter results sometime in mid- to late January.