Googlers Rally Around Testosterone

    May 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s weekly look into the “moral and intellectual trends” of the searching populace, Google Zeitgeist, revealed that Google users have “an insatiable appetite for all things flashy and sordid.”

These flashy and sordid things have a decidedly stereotypical male slant that include horse racing, hot Asian actresses, action movies where things go boom, Van Halen-style morally flexible blonde teachers, alternative rock, golf, car racing, boxing, football, super fat dudes, and shoulda-got-a-dui politicians.

Six words: Heather Locklear Denise Richards love triangle. Reminscent of the most rewound scene in movie history.

Mission Impossible III starlet Maggie Q must have made quite the impression after the action flick debuted two weeks ago. What Google calls a “memorable red dress” launched the Hawaiian-born Hong Kong hottie to the top of the Gainers chart for the week ending May 15.

Other female celebrities pepper the rest of the list and include two-times-a-charm ex-middle school teacher Pamela Rogers, teen golf phenom Michelle Wie (no relation to Nintendo’s Wii, pronounced with falsetto, “wheeeeeee”), the almost forgotten (which one of you brought her up again?) Tori Spelling, and grease-monkey racer Danica Patrick.

The results seem to be regional, as well. The blondes on the list barely register a blip on a comparative Google Trends analysis because in Asia (where there’s lots more people), Maggie Q and Michelle Wie have been elevated to queen status. Take out Q and Wie, and you’ll see that the South has risen in favor Danica, Pamela, and Denise.

Here’s the full list:

1. maggie q
2. mission impossible 3
3. kentucky derby
4. radiohead
5. tori spelling
6. pamela rogers
7. michelle wie
8. whitney houston
9. oscar de la hoya
10. kaavya viswanathan
11. heather locklear
12. danica patrick
13. manuel uribe
14. vince young
15. patrick kennedy


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