Googleplex Jones And The Last Roman Villa

    September 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Geeks are geeks, no matter where they are, and one in Italy turned an interest in Google Earth into a discovery.

The Business2 Blog mentioned an interesting discovery made in Italy by a computer programmer. The programmer was studying local maps via Google, and ended up discovering an ancient Roman villa.

Nature’s web site discusses the discovery in more detail. A programmer named Luca Mori was studying the area around his hometown of Sorbolo, which is near Parma. Through Google Maps and Google Earth, he saw some oddities in the region.

First, he noticed the outline of an ancient river, distinct as an “oval, shaded form” of about 550 yards in length. Nearby, there were other shadows, with rectangular shapes. Mr. Mori traced them out, and decided he may have found some kind of human-built structure.

Archeology experts from Parma researched the site after being contacted by the programmer. Their inspection turned up “ceramic pieces” that they believe indicate the find was the site of a Roman villa. Scientists will likely appeal to local authorities for permission to conduct a proper dig to confirm their findings.

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