Googlebombing Of Jew Keyword Continues

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As reported here yesterday, April 15, 2004, the fight to knock JewWatch.com out of first position for the keyword search of “Jew” is picking up.

Daniel Sieradski, editor of Jew School, a Web site dedicated to Jewish fringe culture, has spearheaded a Googlebomb designed to knock JewWatch.com out of the first place. Yesterday, the top listing for the keyword was Wikipedia.org, a reference page devoted to the definition of the word “Jew”.

As of today, JewWatch.com is back atop the results listings page. Undoubtedly spearheaded by another Googlebomb designed to keep this fight going. As stated before, Google does not change listings, unless regional laws dictate.

This fight for the top position doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

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Googlebombing Of Jew Keyword Continues
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  • Edwin P. Rembitsky, M.D., FACS

    Q: Why are we Jews so afraid of http://www.jewwatch.com?

    Could it be that we do not want GOYS (everyone who is NOT a Jew) to know the truth? If so, then why? We are known for seeking the truth about anti-semitic matters. Could it be that this Web site is the ONE media outlet we cannot and do not control? By Google-bombing this Web, we are simply authenticating its contents. NOT A SMART MOVE considering we are supposedly the “chosen people” and so “intelligent”.

    The fact is, that anyone who has visited that Web site and has viewed it in its entirety, will see that all it contains are statistics, ie. how may of us are in political organizations like the Congress and Senate, how many Jews own what percentage of financial and business concerns, how many young American sailors were killed by Israelis during an attack on a U.S. Naval vessel in the Mediterranean, how many Palestinian children are starved and butchered by the IDF (“Israeli Defense Forces”) every day, etc. As a research historian, I am sad to say that that Web site is mostly correct in its statistics. On the other hand, sometimes a State must do what it must to survive; this is one concern that the World needs to understand. For the survival of Israel, the ends MUST justify the means. This applies to our controlled propaganda and it is only designed to enhance our survival and not to harm anyone else (that is our position any way).

    Finally a note for Jewish friends to consider: Jews have the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center and of course the Holocaust Museums and their billions of dollars of tax-free fundings to help them combat “bad publicity” all over the World. By attempting to BAN JewWatch.com, they are simply proving the allegations that they control what the American public hears, sees and therefor, thinks. Even Josef Goebbels would have known where to stop. My advice to Jews world-wide: be moderate, be wise, be low-key and avoid another Holocaust. It may be here sooner than we think because of our “Jewish Google-bombs”. These are my thoughts on this subject.

    ~ Physician, History Professor & IT Entrepreneur
    (anonymity requested safety reasons; am not a fan of the Mossad)

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