Google Zaps Cruise Scientology Video

    January 17, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Tom Cruise’s appearance and speech at a Church of Scientology event in 2004 has circulated on the Internet, but the version hosted on Google’s YouTube service has been taken offline.

Links to Scientology information on the Internet that do not end up at the Church’s official website frequently hit a "Page not found" error. The group regularly claims material about it falls under copyright, leading to a DMCA takedown request.

The latest episode of this took place when a video taken of Cruise discussing Scientology showed up on YouTube. Its appearance coincided with the release of a book by Andrew Morton, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography.

Google took the video down after receiving the Church’s DMCA notice. The AU site said Google denied having "buckled under pressure" in complying with the legal request.

That report also noted the video, running about nine minutes in length, had been culled from a three-hour piece available to Church of Scientology attendees. The Church claimed the clip had been pirated from a DVD.

Those who missed the clip on YouTube can still view it at Defamer. A takedown notice promptly followed, but Defamer’s parent firm, Gawker Media, replied to that stating the piece was being used "in the context of news reporting and critical commentary."