Google Year-End Zeitgeist Published

    December 1, 2009

Although 2009’s still one month short of being over, Google followed Bing and Yahoo this morning by identifying the year’s major search trends.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, "Michael Jackson" was one of the most common terms, and interest in the 2008 Olympics waned.

Indeed, Michael Jackson topped Google’s "Fastest Rising (Global)" list, and showed up in the number two spot on the U.S. version.  Meanwhile, Olympics-related terms took the first- and second-place positions on the global and U.S. "Fastest Falling" lists.

As for how everything else turned out, well, you can see for yourself below.  It seems that Twitter, Facebook, and Lady Gaga were pretty much universally popular, while Heath Ledger, Barack Obama, and the Wii all received less attention this year than last.

Then here are a few notes in case some of the search terms are unfamiliar: Tuenti is often referred to as the Spanish version of Facebook.  Sanalika looks to be a Turkish relative of Second Life. is a Vietnamese news site, and Torpedo Gratis is a free SMS service offered in Brazil.

On the Official Google Blog, Marissa Mayer capped off the release of this data by stating, "It’s because of curious searchers like you, and the aggregation of billions of queries throughout the year, that our annual Zeitgeist has become an insightful look into a global mindset.  So please explore the year to date on our Zeitgeist site, which showcases many of these interesting trends across various categories and countries, and more about how we came up with our lists.  We’re already anticipating what searches in 2010 will illuminate!"

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