Google, Yahoo, Microsoft To Fight Illegal Pharmacies With White House

Powerful new coalition forming

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Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft can’t agree on much, and you might imagine that tossing some politicians into the situation wouldn’t help, but a common goal’s come to light.  These companies, along with many others and the Obama administration, intend to stop illegal online pharmacies from doing business.

William McQuillen reported today that a group including American Express, GoDaddy, Google, MasterCard, Microsoft, PayPal, Visa, and Yahoo is  "helping to establish a nonprofit organization targeting illegal Internet pharmacies in support of Obama administration efforts, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget."

Victoria Espinel, the White House intellectual property coordinator, explained, "It’s important that we act aggressively now before it snowballs into a bigger problem."

And indeed, "aggressive" is a good way to describe the group of corporations that’s been assembled.  The resources at their disposal are just about limitless, and the vast majority of Internet users must encounter at least one of their properties on a daily basis.

GoogleIt might not take much convincing to get the companies to cooperate, either.  A dead user can’t click on ads, after all, and even setting aside Darwin Award nominees who buy toxic "V!@gr@," Google and the other companies should appreciate being safer from litigious drugmakers’ lawsuits.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this coalition’s actions over time.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft To Fight Illegal Pharmacies With White House
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  • Guest

    Looks like Yandex and Baidu will be getting a lot more visitors.

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

    I don’t truly understand the illegal pharmacy business, but can’t they be licensed and the money that would have gone towards wiping them out, go towards regulation and better FDA controls on what is suitable for human consumption and what is not?

    Most people have no issue inhaling near poisonous toxic fumes when doing light industrial work around their home, or eating junk food heart attack mac donalds, or eating foods that might have higher than normal levels of metals in them. Even Moonshine seems to be making a comeback.

    I think drugs are a huge business, I just think it’s a business that needs heavy licensing and control. I am not a pharmacist, nutritionist, new age shaman or holistic healer, ect…

    I mean wouldn’t kids have a better time getting FDA approved light drugs through licensed pharmacies, or drug retailers instead of seeking out the latest and greatest poisonous plant for a psychedelic trip?

  • him34

    Good concept except…wait…here we have the white house asking for “voluntary” action by these companies to squash many legitimate online INTERNATIONAL (non-US) businesses who provide life SAVING options to US citizens who continue to be oppressed by protectionist regimes looking out first, foremost and ALWAYS after big pharma profits. Lets get real, hundreds of other countries around the world sell the same medications in different packages, and generics of those overpriced brand products protected by overgenerous US patents. The rest of the world is not dying, and receiving excellent medical care. YES there are true rogues and counterfeit product out there, however there ARE legitimate, safe, professional companies who for the last decade have proven that International medications are identical or have equivalent therapeutic effects. If the FDA is saying that Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Ireland…all have completely incompetent Drug Regulatory Authorities, then lets here them just say that…otherwise, accept that the Internet opens up options for consumers to get out from under ridiculous politically supported gouging of US citizens that is long overdue and causing Americans to have the worst access (ability to afford counting in that definition of access) to medications of almost any nation in the world.

    P.S. Yes, all online pharmacies should be held to international/multinational oversight that establishes cross jurisdictional rules regarding prescription requirements, dispensing practices, product safety…etc. The whitehouse and NABP and VIPPS seem to have no actual interest in pursuing this, only forcing US commercial interests on the rest of the world. Also, the US is focused on squashing the Indian Generic industry that they know does provide quality alternatives to overpriced, overprotected US Brand products. Instead of starting a holy war against tens of thousands of busineses, why can’t the US use it’s political muscle to simply negotiate with the Indian government, and China and deal with the issue at the source. Spend a couple billion dollars of the money likely slated to continue to go to the Wallstreet banks to pay their bonuses out of taxpayer money, and establish agencies in the countries where counterfeits are being manufactured and distributed and get rid of them there. Cut off the source/supply, cut off the problem. Persecuting merchants can never work…there’s too many, and they are too determined…you’ll just drive it further underground where things will get even more dangerous.

    Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/12/14/fake-drugs-cause-real-concerns-officials?test=latestnews#ixzz18Bs7rPfs

  • respectfully remaining unnamed

    The legitimate niche site / company I work for has been drifting into the “pharmaceutical marketing” field for years. I’ve had death threats come over the phone, been chewed out by clients of the plain/legal retail store I hired into because the site has been neglected in favor of the pharmacies, and been chewed out by the owners for speaking up about this treatment.

    Also add up the wasted bandwidth and revenue caused by any and all of these “businesses.”

    Go get ’em!

  • Guest

    Different countries have different laws , it is perfectly legal for a UK resident to purchase medications online without a prescription. Homosexuality and pornography is illegal in most countries in the world , are the US authorities going to close these websites down . The internet is global . not American.

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