Google, Yahoo Celebrate Wins for Xmas

    December 20, 2007

Hat tip SEL: The Google-DoubleClick merger has been approved by the FTC.

This makes Google into an even more formidable force in the advertising space, and is on track to becoming a global advertising powerhouse as the definition of "digital" expands. What might this mean for advertisers and publishers? Hopefully, better pricing in the form of a true exchange model, something DoubleClick has been working on. Google’s existing content targeting (we can only hope) will seem like a rather thin offering in comparison with a richer, more far-reaching ad network that empowers buyers and sellers.

Yahoo oneSearch gets installed on Latin American wireless carriers. 143 million wireless subscribers will be exposed to the Yahoo brand and technology. That ain’t bad.

GOOG is up nearly 1% on the news; YHOO is trading 0.5% higher today