Google Writes President Over Consumer Energy Info


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Google - along with 46 other organizations - is pressing harder than ever for progress in terms of informing consumers about their energy consumption.  Google - and those 46 other entities - wrote a letter to the president today, asking for his help in the matter.

Google LogoThe list of groups includes some impressive names, including AT&T, Best Buy, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Nokia, Verizon, and Whirlpool.  As for their goals, one aim is to educate people about generation sources of electricity, another's to spread information about pricing, and the third is to let individuals determine precisely how they're using energy.

The president's supposed to step in by asking federal agencies, state governments, and corporations to work together towards these ends.  He could convene White House summits, too, and even give consumers a bit of a nudge (with simple verbal encouragement or something like "Cash for Caulkers").

In return, the letter's signees promised, "We stand ready to assist you in your efforts to empower energy consumers, rebuild the economy, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

It's hard to imagine this appeal will go unanswered, so stand by to see if Google will begin to work with the government in yet another way.