Google Won’t Remove Pages About You

Matt Cutts Explains Why You're Out of Luck

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If you’ve been involved with the web for any significant amount of time, there is a good chance  there may be pages up somewhere that you’re not thrilled about, but are out of your power to remove. Whether it is a page you made in high school or somebody else talking smack about you, you’re concerned about your online reputation (as you should be) and would like to see the page removed from Google’s index altogether.

Unfortunately, Google cannot be held responsible for this because as they say on the official help page for "How do I remove content from Google Search Results?" they do not own the Internet. The company says, "In order for information within Google search results to change, the information must first change on the website where it appears."

Matt Cutts Blog

Google’s Matt Cutts posted about this on his own blog after receiving countless emails from people making such requests. He was kind enough to share his response to these emails, which usually goes something like this:

Unfortunately there’s not much I can do. The page you pointed out is not spam, and pretty much the only removals (at least in the U.S., which is what I know about) that we do for legal reasons are if a court orders us. We typically say that if person A doesn’t like a webpage B, only removing page B out of Google’s search results doesn’t do any good because webpage B is still there (e.g. it can be found by going to it directly or through other search engines). In that sense, the presence of that page in Google’s index is just reflecting the fact that the page exists on the wider web.

The best actions for you from our perspective can be one of a couple options. Either contact whoever put up webpage B and convince them to modify or to take the page down. Or if the page is doing something against the law, get a court to agree with you and force webpage B to be removed or changed. We really don’t want to be taking sides in a he-said/she-said dispute, so that’s why we typically say “Get the page fixed, changed, or removed on the web and then Google will update our index with those changes the next time that we crawl that page.” Our policies outside the U.S. might be different; I’m not as familiar with how legal stuff works outside the U.S.

This is pretty much the same thing you get from the official page. "If you can’t get the webmaster to do anything, we’re really sorry, but our hands are tied without action from the webmaster," is the position stated there. Though Google uses the opportunity to suggest reporting social security or credit card information in results, adult content in results when SafeSearch is on, defamatory content in results, and inappropriate images in video results. So if the content you’re trying to get removed falls into any of these categories, there might still be hope for you.

Once people understand that Google can’t take responsibility for listings they don’t like, they seem (for the most part) to accept the explanation. It’s the understanding in the first place that is often lacking. Hopefully Matt’s comments will set the record straight.

Ultimately this leaves you no choice but to amp up your reputation management efforts. Go to the root of the problem. Make nice with people if you have to. It won’t always work, but just like with the rest of life, sometimes you have to live with past mistakes and acceptance that someone might not like you.

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Google Won’t Remove Pages About You
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  • http://www.123people.com Jennifer G

    So I guess now is the time to monitor your online reputation and see what is said about you online and clean it up if you do not like it.


  • sofakingdabest

    …don’t do anything on the internet that you wouldn’t do on public square.

  • http://convert-to.com/ convert to

    I can rely to this interesting matter and points mentioned. I was once involved, from my experience the best is to be around the web the way there are no reasons for me to appear in a bad light. Google cannot fix everything, the other thing is that the space is unlimited and everything fits in. Whether it is not my mistake, or even if a this and that was my mistake, as stated above “Make nice with people if you have to” is still the most proper way to go or be.

  • http://cdicorp.info Bob Stewart

    The internet is a powerful medium for exposing the truth. I own a website that is doing just that. It is a dreadful story that is true and shocking. Take a look at the facts about a global US owned company on http://www.cdicorp.info and form your own opinion on their ethics and actual business practices.

  • http://www.gocompareremovals.co.uk/ Cheap Removals Man

    I agree with the last comment, if you don’t want your reputation on the net they don’t allow one to be formed in the first place!

    • Guest

      This person must be like many others on the internet, who like to read smut and lies published regarding people – so long, it is not based on them – they would make good figger 11 targets for the military ranges. What is Google going to do about the sick people who publish photos of our kids on their site. Could I have my way “hang them all, a long with Google mangement”

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    It’s not like we can go back and remove whatever we said to a friend or a business client in real life over the phone, text and that includes the internet.. well within Google’s views on it seam to want to match History.

    Of course, there has to be room to remove any hack or fake things.. some are hard to prove. But, I’m sure if you build up a case and send it to them there’s no legal support required. They do take the time to read each contact ;)

    You really have to protect your accounts, emails, user names and create passwords that are hard as heck to remember for example:

    A@:09(3gE < <<< --- Not one of mine by the way. LOL

    The internet is like a big playground full of all kinds of everything ;) Be nice, be professional and think before clicking send on the web! I know from personal experiences, take a deep breath and read it again, even a couple of times. Think about the ripple effect.

    Best regards,

    Follow me on Twitter!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Adam

    The moral of the story is don’t put your personal details on the Internet, unless of course someone else has done it. I learned a long time ago not to put your real name or photograph on any websites that you own.

    That’s partly why I’m reluctant to use Facebook so much.

  • Jack D.

    I can’t beleive all the suckers out there beleiving Googles lame excuses about not being able to take unwanted stuff off of the Internet. Of course they can. They just don’t want to. Probably because it would take a lot of manpower. But, I’m sure when these geniuses figure out they can make another fortune offering this service they’ll jump on it. Hoping to beat tere competitors to it.
    Just ask any computer genius how it can be done and you’ll see how simple it is. Google doesn’t want to lose its reputation for having all of this information. How do you think hackers get all of your information to begin with? How do you think all of these corporations collect information on you? All they have to do is send out the same computer programs,(viruses) to find the unwanted pages and delete them. Any company that decides to do this will make an overnight fortune. Simple, easy, and worth a fortune. How do you think these people at google cover their own asses? The technology is out there. But, companies like Google are too busy making a fortune off of your misfortune. I guess we’ll have to wait for the Obama Socialist Regime to take over the Internet and straighten it for them.

    • Guest

      Jack seriously how stupid are you?

      If i upload a web page about you to my server how can google or anybody removes the page and contents without breaking into my server.

      Removing index from google engine doesn’t mean that you remove the content from internet.

      By the way which tech are you talking about when you say “tech is out there”.

      People please dont make any comments about topics that you have no idea about.(this includes you as well jack)

      • http://www.readymix-concrete.com readymixed

        Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Whether or not we agree with it. I agree with Google’s stance simply because the owner of the website has control over whether or not to take down the content. What would stop someone from pretending they are someone else to remove a competitor from the SERP’s?

  • http://www.robertolofaro.com Roberto Lofaro

    Yes- you post something and then regret.

    But then- get used about it.

    I am much more incensed by sites like “spock”, that used to build a virtual profile,

  • Guest

    There are sites that allow undocumented commentary about companies and individuals, RipoffReports.com, that will not remove content of any posted report even in the face of proof that the report is false.

    Google can blacklist sites… They do. Criminal activity should qualify but it doesn’t rise to the level that Google feels actionable. But if you spam Google you are out.

    There’s a lot of double talk, situation ethics. No real standards

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk/latterkurser-og-workshops/latterkursus.htm Ejvind

    I for one am quite happy that google cannot remove pages. It would be like having a parent settling disputes between kids.

    Instead I suggest that people start talking to each other and take responsibility for their actions. This works.

  • http://www.supersaunasuits.com Robert Brady – Realsauna Sauna Suits

    I agree with Google’s (Matt) stance on content. Its an open playing field and Google just keeps records of it. If you are a victim of a bad rap, or placed in a regrettable position from your actions or speech, then you will have to get busy and drown it out with your own relevant content optimized to either refute the “offending” content by launching a campaign that will virtually push those “unwanted” pages further down the search results. Or deal with it.

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, working by pushing optimizing yourself for positivity could be an alternative if contacting webmasters doesn’t work.

  • Chris

    Of course Google does not own all those pages, but that does not mean they are forced to index them.

    It’s funny- when Google decides it doesn’t like a site, that site disappears from the index. Yet if it is someone else, they act like they have no power over what is in their own index.

    It’s a separate argument as to whether they SHOULD remove such pages- my point is their lame claim that they cannot do so.

    What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • Guest

      google just indexes the site on the open internet, be glad they do this.

      Most countries limit and censor web content and filter all results by default –

      even “free countries” do this – in an attempt to censor the entire internet.

      google stands up for the internet – it’s always been free and always will be.

      Go google!

  • Guest

    Google is loaded with links to ads, hacks, cracks, hate,
    porn, fake drug stores, fake designer watches and handbags,
    Russian wives, torrents, yet they rate themselves PR-10.

    If they applied their own site ranking criteria to
    themselves they would be a PR-0.

  • Guest

    I can accept Google complaining that they don’t own the internet and can not control what is seen on the net. But what about all of those DEAD LINKS of websites and photos that have long since been removed from the source and ONLY reside on Google? It’s time for Google to share in the responsibility here. Purge dead links the moment they die, and stop stealing material by caching it purely for display on Google!

    • http://www.dumpsternationwide.com dumpsters

      Google is more forgiving than other search engines. I agree with you that I hate dead links, but to remove them from the index sucks. I’ve had my own website go down for days (because of a server failure). Google moved the website down for my competitive phrases but they quickly put me back once the site went live again.

      The thing is the big G provides you with a great tool to remove your web pages from their index called Webmaster Tools. Every website owner should use this and Google is really responsive when you submit a dead page in webmaster tools. They remove it within a few days.

      Hats off to Google.

  • Aww… People Don’t Like Me.. QQ.. Boo Hoo

    Someone talking smack about you? Have some fun with them by running a stress test on their website. Microsoft makes a great tool called “Web Application Stress Tool” – http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=e2c0585a-062a-439e-a67d-75a89aa36495

  • http://www.classiccarpartsclub.com Tony Lee

    This could be a good lesson for young folks who post embarrassing situations about themselves on the net. Maybe some forethought before clicking “save” might be wise.

  • JC

    Google is a search engine, not a web hosting company or web development company. There is a very simple solution to this that people seemed to forget about. It’s the same solution that’s applied to “verbal statements” and “written statements” as I should know since I underwent a court ruling based on a letter written to my ex when I was in High School (not negative) which was over 15 years ago. This is what you do: find the webpage or site with your content. If it’s negative or derogatory, simply do a whois to get the server information. Be polite when asking the web master (if you find an email link) to remove the content. He/She doesn’t have to, but if the information hurts you physically or prevents you from getting a job or if you’re publically humiliated as a result, hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them (the webmaster). I gurantee that the page will be destroyed. The internet is free press and free speach. Anyone can say anything about you. The difference between the internet and elementary school, is that people will be reminded of the comments when made on the internet.

  • http://chris-fallingtears.blogspot.com/ chris

    Very informative. A must read for everyone.

    • http://www.fdyana.com faizal

      it must read for everyone. tq

  • Guest

    IF you really wanted it off you could use blackhat techniques to seem like the owner of the site was trying to cheat in order to get the website blacklisted. Another thing depending on what the content is, you could contact their host. The best thing would be to get a lawyer though and threaten the website owner then hosting provider. Freedom of speech only works to a certain extent.

  • Waste of Time

    Google is not the end all. There are plenty of other search engines that also find old pages so why does this topic even exist? What a waste of bandwidth.

  • http://fredhopkins.com Fred

    Google removes stuff from it’s index all of the time if they don’t like the content. Also, if you are a large government, you can get Google to remove stuff at any point, just ask China!

    This should read “Google Won’t Be Bothered With You Unless You Control An Area Where They Can Profit From!” That’s the real story here. Like Matt Cutt says, Google doesn’t own the net but they sure as hell own their servers.

  • http://semlabs.co.uk/ David

    This happened to my former company a while back, but TBH they deserved it because it was true if a little hypocritical.

  • http://www.bloggertalk.net Rose

    Libel on the internet is becoming a huge problem. Unhappy customers and members will blog about a business or website. These blogs can often be seen first when a business or website owners name is searched for in search engines. The sad thing is victims are helpless. Defamatory accusations can ruin not only a business or website, but the website owner

  • http://www.earringsforever.com EarRings

    Double standards. Lesson of the story… be as honest as you can be and never post something you will regret later on unless you are as big or bigger than Google.

  • http://ukleatherbed.co.uk Uk Leather Bed

    I agree with Chris. Google doesn’t own the internet. If you want to keep your reputation be good with people.

    • http://www.brandmantra.net Website Design Company

      This is Very informative. To continue the business in the long run every one must be good enough to get the reputation. Otherway he will lose his business. When we bid on the projects we always checks customers reputation level. :D

    • D

      People should try to contact DMOZ or at least their local DMOZ moderators. They seem have the power to block web page listings and regularly do. A few years ago a friend mentioned the difficulty he was having getting a submission on DMOZ because a local moderator (Wexford, Ireland) was being selective about who’s sites were being listed. I thought he was mistaken and I spent some time looking into the suggestion. DMOZ is the first port of call for most people promoting their site on line but searching DMOz only a few local Web designers sites are listed. Until recently to get onto many of the search engines DMOZ was the most recommended port of call.

      That said the most responsible and adult thing for anyone annoyed by the content on a site, information about them is to go directly to the owners of the site and ask them to remove it.

  • KateX

    “Unfortunately, Google cannot be held responsible for this because as they say on the official help page for ‘How do I remove content from Google Search Results?’ they do not own the Internet.”

    Oh really? Google seems to think it owns the Internet when it comes to making rules and telling webmasters what kind of websites are “acceptable”.

    I guess Google only owns the Internet when it suits them.

    • Mike

      Google don’t own the internet, but they do own Google. As such, they can’t make you or I remove pages from our web site, but they can choose who to let into their own indexes. If they don’t like my site, they don’t have to let me into theirs. Problems arise because of their dominant position. One would like to think they might wield their power carefully and respectfully and live up to their own maxim Do no evil. Unfortunately we all have our own opinion of what constitutes evil, and it will rarely match theirs.

  • http://www.sytru.com/ The AntiVirus

    Everyone has the right to say anything about anyone, including posting their opinions about other people on their websites. This is democracy. If you don’t like someone writhing about you in a defamatory way, you can go to court. Google has nothing to do with it in my opinion.

    • Mike

      You’re right to say this has nothing to do with Google, but you’re wrong to suggest that you can say what you like about anyone you like. There a laws the world over about libel, slander and defamation. You can only say what you like if it’s true. However, you recourse is through the courts.

  • Mike

    Google can do what they like with their index as it belongs to them. They can help whoever they feel like helping.
    However you can help yourself and you can get defamatory pages removed. You need to complain to the site host. Very few service providers will go to court to defend their right to publish a suspect page. Make enough noise and they will put pressure on the site owner to remove it or they will close his account.

  • http://www.6eif.org/vb ??????? ??? ?????


  • Guest

    Google search request pages are their own pages, they are doing bussines with legal o ilegal information from others, they are responsible for that content publishing.

  • http://www.dbnetsolutions.co.uk Dan

    I agree with Google

  • http://www.hall-o-ween.com Halloween

    A while ago we had a request to take down a user comment because the users screen name in a google search was listing our site about his own site. I thought it was rather amusing that he went through the trouble of getting IBL’s back to his own site only to be out-ranked by his own submissions. I’m a nice guy and removed the page but if I didn’t feel like taking it down, there would be nothing that he could of done.

    Nor do I think that any users can dictate what and what not appear on someone else’s site unless it breaks a law.

  • http://www.gpschildtracker.net GPS Child Tracker

    Agree with guy who made the note about Google having the power to remove what they want (re China). Of course they have the power to do whatever they want to their index. In the same way they can review your site (personally as well as algorithmically) and decide to relegate it or remove it, they could if they wanted to remove content.

    The argument about not owning the net doesn’t hold. Google decides to index those parts of the net that it wants. It doesn’t index everything that’s out there. It chooses.

    But imagine if they adopted an open policy where Google said, hey, if you don’t like a page about you (or whatever) we’ll remove it for you, imagine what sort of work that would create.

    The thing is they should come out and say that.

    • http://www.goldendoodleworld.com Dee Gerrish

      I don’t agree with google’s position that they can’t remove content when they are asked to do so if the content is derogatory and the site isn’t owned by the person requesting the content be removed.
      Google has the ability to remove content from their search engines just like any other company who owns a search engine. I think its irresponsible of google to allow websites to harbor malicious content especially when someone is targeting an individual out of revenge and abusing the internet just to smear someone.

      I’ve been the victim of cyber harassment, bullying and stalking since 2006 by estranged sisters with a vendetta and the things posted on muliple websites by them is horrific, untruthful and simply a smear campaign which they think is funny. I don’t find anything funny about being malicious towards someone over the internet. Stalking, cyberbullying and malicious behavior over the internet would be entirely less if google stepped in and listened to people who have a ligit issue with this type of nonsense going on. I personally asked google to assist me on multiple occasions when several website owners failed to remove malicious content posted by my estranged sisters under multiple fake user names, but they haven’t helped a single bit. I find google is like other search engines and websites, simply out to make a buck no matter whose toes or feelings they step on in the process.

    • Guest

      So, how would you like it if every time you posted something that someone else took offense to (a growing problem, you know!), google, or yahoo, or ask, or any other search engine you care to name, went in and deleted your words? To paraphrase you, imagine the kind of havoc that would create, as people simply re-posted what they had up, etc. While I’m not a huge fan of google, I have to agree with them on this one. It’s not really a matter of work – it’s a matter of common sense, not to mention free speech.

  • http://breadandroseslife.blogspot.com Linda Rogers

    It would not have occured to me to go to Google about content but I have asked to have old pages removed on occasion. Most times I have met with success.

    On two occasions I have not.

    The first, a community events listing magazine puts annual organizational profiles on their page but never deletes the profiles for former years. This has caused people to find out of date information about me and the organizations I have led/worked for. They would not change their custom of archiving old profiles.

    The second strikeout I had was with one of thes professional profile pages where the information about people is done through some sort of bot. I have a fairly common name and I found two listings under my name. However both listings were a mixture of the jobs that I did have and other jobs that were not me. I went to the trouble of joining the site on the promise that I could edit the information about myself. However, in order to edit any information I had to prove I was the person who had that job by using the email listed on the website…. which meant that it was impossible to edit old information or delete the incorrect information… infuriating. I sent a request to the company to change my listing but heard nothing back.

    • http://www.delphia.ca Rod

      Try “Google index”.

  • http://www.AmericanDoublesBook.net Marcia Frost

    I’ve been through this with Google. Someone I had a personal problem with put up a page about me with a lot of false accusations. I contacted Google and they refused to do anything about it without a court order. I’ve already spoken to the author with no positive results — he just wrote more.

    So, until I have the time and money to get a court order, people see all this rant of things I never did when they Google me! Is that in anyway fair to anyone?

  • http://www.AmericanDoublesBook.net Marcia Frost

    I’ve been through this with Google. Someone I had a personal problem with put up a page about me with a lot of false accusations. I contacted Google and they refused to do anything about it without a court order. I’ve already spoken to the author with no positive results — he just wrote more.

    So, until I have the time and money to get a court order, people see all this rant of things I never did when they Google me! Is that in anyway fair to anyone?

    • http://www.rentbrandon.com Brandon Homes for Rent

      Google is not the internet police… if someone is accusing you falsely, in a public venue, they could be committing a civil offense, called slander… you may want to talk to a lawyer, perhaps one that would take the case based on proceeds won. But, alas, legal recourse may be your only action.

      If Google decided to be a “judge” in this manner and remove content they could open themselves up to litigation from the same person offending you. Besides, I doubt they even have the time to consider this…

  • Guest


  • http://www.gangstalkingworld.com gangstalking

    It’s funny but for anyone who runs a 911 site, or other types of websites, I can’t tell you the amount of times, I have seen pages and cached pages disappear from google. Guess it must just happen under the right conditions.

    • jean-francois Guilbert



      • http://texxsmith.com texxs

        You can let google know one of your pages and has been updated.

        It’s a time consuming set up process (but not too bad) but in the end it’s worth it because google will change the descriptions intheir index and can also change which pages they index for your site and such if you use this and other methods:

        google webmaster tools:

        I hope this helps.

        Please type with all caps in the future unless you’re very angry and yuo only type a few words.

      • http://www.rentbrandon.com Apartment for Rent in Brandon, Florida

        do they just allow anyone to post anything in this blog?

  • Guest

    I have asked that my # be removed from a Google find in a Craigslist ad in which I DID NOT place. I have never had a reply from Google. BUT if you go to that Craigslist ad, the page no longer exists.

    So, if you Google my # (I am a professional and the ad makes me look not so), you can still read half of that ad and it is so bad. The ad is in a bad section of Craigslist and obviously, the number this person used was mistyped.

    So if you have to have the page gone first (and it is) why does my number still show with that ad in a Google search?

    Google, you must know who I am and have read my request. For the last time, please remove that Google find.

    • http://www.rentbrandon.com Home Rentals in Brandon, Fl

      This appears to be a very unfortunate situation for you, but I think “timing” is the limiting factor. While Google does continually crawl websites and continually make updates to it’s index, it is just not possible to crawl every single page on the web and update the index every day, let alone every week or possibly every month.

      If the “problem” is impacting your reputation in the community, there may be some legal action you can take against the source of the problem (the original poster of the ad). I am not a lawyer, you will need legal counsel to answer that question. However, from the perspective of Google, the index updating is an automated process and going in to cherry pick out a result, without a court order, would be a bad business process, no matter how legitimate. There is just not enough time in the day to address all of the requests that would inevitably come in.

  • http://www.freearticletext.com Free Article

    Be careful what you post on the internet

  • http://www.dogconstipation.org steve

    I do believe this is a little unfair on the google’s end.
    Users should be given privileges to remove their pages from search results after confirming that the site belongs to them !

  • http://www.successuniversitymomentum.com/ Success University’s Chris Suckling

    I find the whole thing very worrying.

    If something “nasty” appears on the internet about me, it could be a real problem. Going just by the amount of illegal download sites around, it seems impossible to get content removed if the publisher wants you to see it.

    I hope by conducting myself in the proper manner that this will never happen. Let’s face it, why would google want to get involved?

  • http://www.cabudapest.com Accommodation Budapest

    They are right.

  • Jack

    Let me enlighten Google . If you were to create a department within Google to remove unwanted pages you will be creating jobs and more customers. If you don’t, the only way people are going to get you guys to get up off your butts to do it is through Lawsuits. So many lawsuits that the government will use it as an excuse to stick their nose in your business. Are you too stupid to understand this? Or do you truly beleive we the people are too busy to understand this. Thanks to the Internet, we know you can perform this service in any and every country in the world in order to do business there. Would you like our government to give you the same regulations?

  • Dan

    Congress needs to change the Internet law that exempts websites from responsibility for the content they publish. They should be held accountable in the same way a magazine, newspapaer, or TV station is.

  • Guest

    I was the victim of the bbb (BAD Business Bureau not the good one) this website www.ripoffreport.com has been reported to the Better Business Bureau over and over.

    It is a site where anyone can accuse anyone of anything. These are NOT opinions but rather stated as facts. Worse, they hire head hunters. People who go to your site to find out little things about you, then they post that they know you and back up anyone’s claims, fanning the flames. If anyone posts in your defense, it pops right up within #3 position. Anyone searching YOUR name, if you are on this site, there you are.

    They will offer “reports” for free to anyone looking. They range from infidelity to supposed bad business practices. They also remove posts in defense of the person being hammered. Google carries these people and does nothing to prevent them from this.

    It has harmed my business. Short of hiring a lawyer and fighting with money I do not have, what am I supposed to do? It is not in any other search engine. Just google.

    Opinions are one thing, publishing things as fact, with supposed back up (again from their head hunters) is revolting. It is free to post and they protect posters identity. This is still, years later, what you will get when you search my name. It is 95% fabricated and started with a disgruntled puppy buyer.

  • http://englishwritersoftware.com Writer

    Yes but what most people do is turn a blind eye to the slanderous web pages because they cannot be bothered to chase it up, especially through the courts.
    Anyone who has used the court system knows the crap one has to endure to reach an outcome. Never mind the expense.
    No wonder the offending web pages stay up indefinitely.
    It’s a case of, the web page being so easy to produce and publish against the time and money to get it taken down.

  • http://KevinRileyInc.com Kevin Riley

    Although I believe that slander and libel laws should apply to websites, and anyone being defamed should have the ability to sue for damages in such a case, I don’t believe that Google should censor it’s listings. The problem with any censorship of information is that it puts us into a very dangerous position. Just look at the countries that censor Internet within their boundaries and ask yourself if you want to go down that road.

    • http://javatips.110mb.com javatips

      Awesome Google !!

      this century come to very very transparant about all thing

      If anyone doing opposite they will called not democracy LOL

  • http://www.start-an-internet-business.net Sally

    One should feel responsible while posting. The content should be reviewed by Google. Only relevant content should be allowed. Their should be norm to allow modification of content.

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