Google Weighs Larger Energy Investments

Focus on renewable energy

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Google is looking to put more focus on the energy industry in hopes of creating a business opportunity.

Google Weighs Larger Energy Investments

Engineers at Google are preparing to introduce tools that could help people make better choices about their energy use. The company’s philanthropic division, Google.org has invested in green energy start-ups that use kites to harness wind power and now Google is mulling large investments in projects that generate electricity from renewable sources.

"We want to make money, and we want to have an impact," Dan W. Reicher, director for climate change and energy initiatives at Google.org told the NYT.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive has joined Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s chief executive, to work on policies and technologies to improve the electricity grid.

Google has not outlined details on how far it plans to go with its energy efforts. "We have been debating, ‘What are the business opportunities for Google in this area,’ " Schmidt said recently. "And I think right now, we would answer the question that our primary mission is one of information."

Schmidt said Google plans to be active in "information businesses or communications businesses" related to energy.

"The issue globally, and particularly in the U.S., is that renewable energy is hard to come by and is expensive," said William E. Weihl, Google’s green energy director. "But as a competitive business, we can’t afford, anymore than anyone else, to say we are going to pay more."


Google Weighs Larger Energy Investments
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  • Sherry
    Investing in renewable energy is an investment in our future. We must realize the oil is not an infinite  source of energy. We are currently worldwide using oil at the rate of 2x faster than new oil is being discovered. Our dependence on foreign oil has done a lot of damage to our economy. There are so many natural free resources such as wind and solar energy. Sure, initial set up would be costly but the rewards would far outweigh that. We have to look at going green in the long term. Our country just threw away 168 Billion dollars in the last stimulus pkg. That did nothing for our economy really. It would have gone a LONG way towards getting us started on the road to energy independence! A record jobs and homes have been lost this past year as a direct of the high cost of oil and it in turn has caused the prices of every product to go up. We tighten out belts don’t buy as much, don’t eat out as much or at all and even more jobs are lost because of that. I just read a fantastic book about the subject of energy independence by Jeff Wilson called The Manhattan Project of 2009. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in this subject.
  • http://www.gamblingsiteguide.com/ site

    Google has already committed $20 million to funding start-up firms researching solar-thermal and high-altitude wind power. It

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