Google Website Optimizer – a Win-Win

    March 8, 2007

Like a few others, I’ve been beta testing Google Website Optimizer. It’s great.

Here’s why it’s a win for Google. They’ll make more revenue because marketers who test will get impatient and need more data. They’ll enable their paid search accounts fully, possibly even enabling marginally performing groups, to get a statistically significant conclusion to their test more quickly so they can move on.

No, you don’t have to buy clicks to use Optimizer; it’ll measure conversion performance on landing page variations with any kind of traffic. But the fact that it’s tied into an AdWords account sure makes it easier to enable those clicks, doesn’t it?

It’s a win for advertisers for a very simple reason, of course; the prospect of improving conversion rates and thus profits. It’s not magic. It’s science. Behind the science, comes creativity, best practices even(!) and unpredictable user psychology.



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