Google Webmaster Tools ‘Search Queries’ Feature Gets Some New Tweaks

    January 7, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google has announced a couple of changes to the Search Queries feature in Webmaster Tools, improving stats for mobile sites and getting rid of rounding.

For webmasters who manage mobile sites on separate URLs from the desktop versions (like m.example.com), Google will now show queries where the m. pages appeared in results for mobile browsers and queries where Google applied Skip Redirect.

Skip Redirect

“This means that, while search results displayed the desktop URL, the user was automatically directed to the corresponding m. version of the URL (thus saving the user from latency of a server-side redirect),” explains developer programs tech lead Maile Ohye. “Prior to this Search Queries improvement, Webmaster Tools reported Skip Redirect impressions with the desktop URL. Now we’ve consolidated information when Skip Redirect is triggered, so that impressions, clicks, and CTR are calculated solely with the verified m. site, making your mobile statistics more understandable.”

The change enabling users to see search queries data without being rounded will become visible in Webmaster Tools over the next few days.

“We hope this makes it easier for you to see the finer details of how users are finding your website, and when they’re clicking through,” says Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller.

We wonder if these tweaks are related to Google’s recent call for ideas from users for Webmaster Tools improvements.

Image: Google

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    We noticed this hit on Christmas Day – no more rounding, thank you Google, at last!