Google Wave Finds Fans At Clear Channel


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Love it or hate it, Clear Channel Radio is pretty much inescapable; the organization claims to have a weekly audience of 110 million listeners, which represents about one-third of America's population.  It could be quite important, then, that some people who work for the omnipresent radio entity have taken a liking to Google Wave.

Dennis Elliott, a Web manager at Clear Channel, in fact reached out to Google with some compliments, and his message wound up being posted on the Google Wave Blog.  Elliot began, "Just wanted to tell you guys that we are loving the wave here at Clear Channel Radio in Greensboro NC where we have 5 FM radio stations."

Then here's another key point: "We have just started using it and only have a small number of our staff on it right now, but we plan on expanding it to everyone as soon as possible."

From there, Google Wave could make its way up (and back down) the corporate ladder, coming into use at radio stations all over the country.  Or at the least, radio personalities in North Carolina might start discussing it while on the air, causing a lot of their listeners to give the real-time communication tool a shot.

Of course, it would be rather ironic if old-fashioned radio is what helps Google's newfangled means of communication really catch on.