Google, Washington Post Renew Ad Deal

    July 18, 2007

Washington.Newsweek Interactive and Google announced today that they have renewed their agreement to deliver contextual ads and Google Web Search functionality to’s Web pages.

"We’re happy to extend this relationship and value partners like Google whose technology enhances for both our readers and our advertisers," said Caroline Little, CEO and Publisher, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.

Readers will see results through Google search and see relevant Google ads on’s Web pages when they do a Google search directly from the site.

Google provides publishers with a way to monetize their content by connecting Google’s large network of advertisers with Web sites in the AdSense network. AdSense allows advertisers to communicate their messages and gives publishers a way to customize the look and feel of their sites. Ad formats include text, image and video.

"We’re pleased is extending their AdSense agreement based on the value they have seen from the program to date," said Marc Leibowitz, Google’s director of Web syndication partnerships.

"Combining both contextual and site targeting, we think AdSense is the most effective and efficient way to monetize online content. Our continued relationship is a testament to our efforts to make the program a success for"