Google Warns Users Of Google Scams

    July 13, 2009

Google is warning users about an increase of spammers promoting Google scams.

"We’re seeing disturbing cases in which websites, emails and advertisements claim that you can make large amounts of money from home with very little effort using Google products and services," the company said on the official Google Blog.

Google Blog Header

"They’re designed to look like they were written by a regular person, just like you, who stumbled across an amazing opportunity to make their monetary dreams come true. What they don’t tell you clearly is that Google is not affiliated with these sites and that they may add extra charges to your credit card or misuse your personal information."

Google has offered users a number of ways to report such scams.

 If you’ve been ripped off, or suspect others are, report the site and file a complaint with the appropriate agency.

If you come across many sites with duplicate content or common templates intended to direct users to the same product or scheme, please let us know with a spam report

If you’ve been contacted to place suspicious links on your site for money, let us know with the paid link report form

 If your site’s forums or comment sections have been spammed with fake offers of fabulous financial gain, you may need to take steps to fight comment spam. Spammers will take advantage of any user-generated content sections of your site, and will even generate thousands of fake user profiles to try to slip under the radar.

If you receive suspicious messages that claim to be from Google, these may be phishing attempts. Please report them to