Google VP To Become Facebook COO

    March 4, 2008

Almost seven months have passed since Owen Van Natta ceased to act as Facebook’s COO.  Now the company has named a replacement, and her – yes, her – name is Sheryl Sandberg.

Google VP To Become Facebook COO
    Sheryl Sandberg – (Photo Credit:

Sandberg will be the first female executive at Facebook.  She also, if you get our hopefully polite drift, possesses a little more wisdom than is usually found among employees at that company.  We think both of these facts make her more of a good choice.

The most interesting thing about Sandberg, though, is her work experience.  Sandberg is currently the vice president of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google.

Kara Swisher reports, "Sandberg is responsible for online sales of Google’s ad and publishing products . . . .  She is also politically savvy, having been the chief of staff at the Treasury Department in the Clinton administration."  Color us impressed.

Corporate moves often don’t take place quickly, yet a Facebook spokesperson has stated that Sandberg will start on March 24th.  It seems Facebook has adopted an intentional (and advisable) "the sooner, the better" approach.