Google Voice Completely Banned From Apple’s App Store

    July 28, 2009

UPDATE: There is a Twitition floating around asking "Apple to unblock Google Voice App".

If you wish to sign it, go here.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Apple is notoriously known for banning applications from the App Store for some pretty “iffy” reasons. Sometimes a ban is in order, but other times their decisions just seems ridiculous.

With Apple’s recent banning of all Google Vocie related apps for the iPhone, you can chalk this one up in the ridiculous column. But, why is Apple banning Google Voice apps? Only one reason comes to mind: Pressure from AT&T brought on by FEAR.

Apple rejects all Google Voice apps

Who do you think was behind the Google Voice app ban: Apple or AT&T? Tell us what you think.

That’s right, AT&T is, and should be, afraid of Google Voice. Why you ask? With Google Voice, you can do a lot of the stuff free that AT&T charges for (e.g. calls in the US, SMS messaging).

Though Google Voice is still in beta testing, several apps were available for the iPhone. The developer of GV Mobile, Sean Kovacs, recently talked about his rejection from Apple’s App Store:

"Richard Chipman from Apple just called – he told me they’re removing GV Mobile from the App Store due to it duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc). He didn’t actually specify which features, although I assume the whole app in general. He wouldn’t send a confirmation email either – too scared I would post it. :) I’ll see what I can do to get it back up there gang…"

Currently you can download the official Google Voice apps for both Android and Blackberry phones. But, don’t expect an official app from Google Voice for the iPhone, because Apple has already said "NO".

Apple and AT&T are playing a very dangerous game, one that could end badly for both parties.

Are Apple’s guidelines for app inclusion to strict? Tell us what you think.