Google Video Kills Autoplay

    April 5, 2006

Google Video has turned off automatic continuous playback, responding to complaints from customers, including my own rabbi/lesbian example.

Thank god. I know they try damn hard to make the best products in the world, but its good to know they’re willing to fix little (but serious) mistakes like this one as quickly as possible.

Nikhil Bhatla, Product Manager, says in Google Groups:

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the new continuous playback feature, and let me tell you, it was loud and clear : )

Due to the large out-pouring of posts on this group, email feedback we’ve received, and quantitative analyses we’ve run, we’ve decided to turn off continuous playback by default for new users. For existing users, the setting is now sticky across sessions, so if you set it once you’ll never have to set it again.

We really appreciate the feedback you send us and take it very seriously. We read the groups and various blogs regularly.

We’re focused on building a product that users like you enjoy, so please keep the feedback coming.


Nikhil Bhatla
Product Manager

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