Google Video Grabs 31 Percent Of Market

    January 17, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

YouTube continues to be Google’s good luck charm in video, when it comes to visitors and traffic to videos, anyway.

Google Video Grabs 31 Percent Of Market

US market share for videos tipped more than three out of every ten visits to Google’s properties. The biggest video draw, YouTube, helped Google grab 31.3 percent of the 9.5 billion videos viewed online in November 2007.

The figures from comScore found that of the 3 billion videos served by Google’s sites, 2.9 billion found their way into the media players of visitors from YouTube.

Second place in video delivery is by no means a sealed prospect. Fox sites picked up 4.4 percent of US visits, followed closely by Yahoo’s 3.5 percent and Viacom Digital’s 2.6 percent.

A modest increase in traffic for any of that trio, driven by a handful of popular clips in a given month, could see these sites jostle for position behind Google.

About three in four Americans viewed some online video in November. Google’s audience consisted of 76.2 million unique viewers, Fox’s held 46.3 million, while Yahoo drew 37.3 million.

As all of these sites chase the video advertising dollar, a variety of ways to capture attention and deliver value to marketers have appeared in the marketplace.

Inobtrusive and interactive look like the watchwords for video ad technology in 2008; we discussed how Dailymotion will use them and last year, Adobe said Flash ‘Bug’ ads in their Media Player would do something similar.