Google Utilized to “Make History” for 9/11 Remembrance

    September 11, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has been criticized by some in the past for not featuring 9/11 doodles on the home page on the anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. Google is, however, pointing to a site from the company’s official blog, that invites people to "share their experiences of 9/11 and its aftermath in an effort to preserve the memories of that time."

The site is called Make History, and utilizes Google Maps Street View and Google’s App Engine. People can submit their photos/videos of the site of the World Trade Center attacks, the Pentagon, and the site of the Flight 93 crash, as well as their stories.

Make History

Make History

The site was created by the National September 11th Memorial & Museum in partnership with design firm Local Projects

Bing and Ask both have up 9/11 memorial images, and there is an iPhone app called 9/11 Numbers (via RWW).

Doug Caverly of WebProNews, who also writes regularly for the NYC Tower site, has a new piece up today. Read that here.