Google Updates Blog Search Algorithm

Eliminates Blogroll Mentions

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Google has updated its Blog Search algorithm after postponing the update earlier in the month. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable quotes Googler Jeremy Hylton who explains:

We have launched a ranking change that reduces the number of results that are returned because of blogroll matches.  There are still problems to work out, but this change appears to be a big improvement over our earlier fix.  We had originally planned to launch an experiment for link: queries, but decide more recently to release this change first.  We are still working on the link: change and expect to have that ready in a few more weeks.

Blog Search Results

The change can improve the convenience of using Google Blog Search as part of your online reputation management strategy. Anyone with such a strategy in place is probably used to wading through all kinds of mentions of their company that are simply just mentions from blogrolls.

"Well, lets say you are like me and you track who links or mentions you via Google Blog Search," says Schwartz. "If someone has the Search Engine Roundtable in the blogroll, and the do a daily blog post, even if that blog post doesn’t mention the Search Engine Roundtable, blog search would show that new blog post as a match. Why? Because it is in the blogroll and Google thinks it is part of the content of the blog post."

The update should eliminate this problem and make tracking your brand through Google Blog Search a little easier. On the other hand, if you really like finding who has you in their blog roll, you might consider the update a loss.

Google Updates Blog Search Algorithm
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    Good info. There’s pro’s and con’s to this update…we’ll have to see how it effects blog rankings.

  • http://www.mattybyloos.com Matty Byloos

    Not sure how I feel about this after first read. As a searcher or as a company-hired researcher, I think it makes sense and sounds very helpful. As someone who thinks about how inbound links affect traffic and rankings, I’m worried a bit.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    I hope that such update will solve the problems with this tool. The link issue still needs a lot of work.

  • http://www.seocompany101.com seo company

    i think Blog SEO getting harder and more compatitive, so lets wait for at least three months evaluation

  • http://www.ericward.com Ericw

    Blogrolls are part of the blog template, so they are seen by some link builders as a quick way to have links appear over and over with every new blog post, which speeds link building. And, get a blog with hundreds of posts over many years to add you to their blogroll, and bingo, the moment the blog is republished the link is in the blogroll section of every single post, instantly. This has sadly encouraged link spam techniques including bounty based blogroll deals. In other words, blogrolls have become fair game for link sellers and buyers. I’ve been offered money several times for link placement within my blogroll, and I laugh because I purposely don’t even have a blogroll. Then I give them my Gomer Pyle “shame shame shame” speach. Hopefully, Google’s tweak will recognize legit blogroll links earned by merit, and blogroll links that are purely chasing pagerank. They aren’t hard to spot.


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    my blog rank fall again into zero….hiks…

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    Have lots of original quality content and a share of high quality links and you shall prosper. remember that content is king and links are queen. My blogs took a hit recently, but they ranked well for a long time so we will see where this goes.

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    I wonder if the algorithim has changed again since the Panda update. Have you heard anything related to blogs specifically?


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