Google Unveils $4.4 Trillion Clean Energy Plan

    October 2, 2008

Google has introduced an ambitious $4.4 trillion energy plan in an effort to reduce U.S. use of fossil fuels by 2030 by using alternative sources, including wind and solar power.

Through its nonprofit organization, the company is exploring a number of alternative energy initiatives to also find more efficient ways to power its data centers around the world.

On the Official Google Blog, Jeffery Greenblatt,’s climate and energy technology manager, wrote that the cost of Google’s plan would be significant, exceeding $4 trillion, it could result in a net savings of $1 trillion over its 22-year span.

Greenblatt wrote that the "Clean Energy 2030" plan would involve heavy investments in transmission capacity for wind and solar power in the "Great Plains and desert Southwest" to help cut 88 percent of fossil fuel use and 95 percent of carbon-dioxide emission by 2030.

In addition, Greenblatt wrote that geothermal energy, or natural energy that can be tapped beneath the Earth’s surface, is the "sleeping giant" of alternative energy.  Geothermal- energy systems have the potential for "extremely rapid growth if key technologies can be proven in the next few years," he said.

Through, Google has invested in geothermal-energy company Potter Drilling, which is developing technology to pierce hard rock and has provided a grant to Southern Methodist University’s Geothermal Lab.