Google Unifies AdWords Campaign Management

    July 17, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The search advertising company rolled out a new campaign type for their advertisers, one that places keyword and placement targeting in one interface.

Forget the mundane Q2 earnings at Google. The company opened something new for all of their advertisers across the globe that should make their advertising even more valuable.

Google announced a single online campaign management interface for their content network. The interface combines what had been separate campaign types: keyword-targeted and placement-targeted.

One could match keywords across the network, or aim for discrete vertical audiences with certain site placements. Google did the two-great-tastes that taste-great-together move in putting the two together.

Advertisers get to target a site, and ensure their ads appear on pages where the right keywords exist. The concept smacks of improved relevancy, a simple yet deep concept that propelled Google to billions in market cap, yet one competitors at Yahoo and elsewhere never truly matched in contextual advertising.

Here’s where Google prints more money with the unified campaign on their content network. Advertisers will be able to bid for specific sites available on the network.

Some sites within a given niche will be more popular than others. Competition, particularly among big brand names, drives prices up for the right destination. Google essentially added something here to enable those drives.

Earnings for the next two quarters will bear out Google’s strategy. If it really prompts more merciless bidding for the best properties, we expect Q2’s earnings miss to be quickly forgotten.