Google Tweak Decimates Answers.com’s Traffic

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A small tweak here . . . and a 28 percent plummet there.  Yeah, that’s right – Google adjusted its algorithm, and according to Answers.com itself, traffic to the Answers “information portal” has dropped dramatically as a result.

Answers.com CEO Bob Rosenschein seems to realize just how bad this looks.  “We are working diligently to analyze and address the recent algorithm change,” he stated in a press release.  “We will update investors on the financial impact of this development during our upcoming Q2 earnings conference call on August 13.”

Rosenschein then returns to happier days by speaking of the Dictionary.com deal.  When the deal was first announced, the CEO believed that upwards of 70 percent of Answers.com’s traffic would “be direct from end users or people searching specifically for the term ‘dictionary’ in search engines,” and he’s sticking to his statistical guns.  So not all is lost.

But . . . yeesh, 28 percent of it is, at least temporarily, and that’s hard to get past.  Industry analysts like Leo Blanco and Zack Miller have covered the story, but Reuters and the Associated Press are also taking note.

Well, trust a corporate press release (and a CEO) to see the silver lining – Rosenschein says, “This change only demonstrates the sound business rationale behind our agreement to purchase Dictionary.com, because it underscores a primary motivation for the deal: to secure a steady source of direct traffic and mitigate our current dependence on search engine algorithms.”

Google Tweak Decimates Answers.com’s Traffic
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  • http://www.igorthetroll.com Igor The Troll

    This is a very interesting question on the part of IT consultants, why only answers.com why not wikipedia.org or the MFA websites that clocking, stuffing keywords, copyright infrigment and every other Google Quality Guidelines violation…

    Mr Matt Cutts what is the point, are you trying to show that Google is atentive to cleaning up search engine Spam?

    It is not going to work!!!

    All the countless Spam reports to
    Google Search Quality Team, Google Adwords, and Google Adsense are not being acted upon!!!

    Downgrading Answers.com is nothing more than Google Public Relationship play.

    Please stop the cosmetic surgery and clean up Google Spam.

    Thank you,

    Igor The Troll

  • http://www.igorthetroll.com Igor The Troll

    I recently found out that wikipedia.org is a sister Website of ODP. ODP os owned by AOL, and AOL serves Google search results.

    Is this like birds of feather flock together. or even more nastier as you buy from me and I will buy from you.

    This is ilegal and the irony that is not lost on one is that Google adiminatly preaching Google Quality Guidelines on the Webmasters while itself breaking Google code of condact.

    In my opinion it is time to enforce Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and have SEC investigate Google.

    If Google has a problem serving Webmasters by renegating them to, ” You are not paying us and we doing you a favor.” Then time for Google to open itself up to scrutiny and external goverment authoritative investigation.

  • http://www.igorthetroll.com Igor The Troll

    Doug you should take a look at this regarding Answers.com

    Igor The Troll

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