Google TV Ads Scores CNBC Deal

More than 95 million households at stake

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Google TV Ads has, to be honest, seemed doomed for some time now; a precedent was set when Google Audio Ads and Google Print Ads were shut down earlier this year.  But a new advertising deal with CNBC may prove to be both a saving grace and key to future growth.

Here’s the situation as explained on Google’s Let’s Take it Offline blog: "we’re thrilled to announce the addition of national inventory on CNBC to the Google TV Ads platform."  The arrangement "enables Google TV Ads advertisers to reach over 95 million households who watch CNBC."

Google Tv

Impressive, right?  Plus, skip down a bit and the post continues, "we are looking forward to launching MSNBC, Oxygen and SciFi in the coming months."

To be fair, all of these partnerships were announced in November 2008.  Announcing something and achieving it don’t always go hand in hand, though, and this still represents a breakthrough.  Google TV Ads presumably performed well with Sleuth and Chiller TV – the first networks NBC Universal offered access to – and is moving up in the television advertising world as a result.

Google’s investors may appreciate this fact, as its stock is down significantly less (3.20 percent) than the Dow (4.26 percent) and Nasdaq (3.99 percent) today.

Google TV Ads Scores CNBC Deal
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  • http://www.marketingminefield.co.uk/traditional-marketing/television-advertising/ TV Advertising

    Interesting revival for Google TV Ads but to be honest I think they’re still doomed. The problem with their model is that they’re trying to bring analytics-style tracking to TV advertising when in many cases TV advertising is not particularly well-suited to direct response ads.

    In the vast majority of cases advertisers will simply be disappointed with their results if they’re looking for direct sales, so Google TV Ads is likely to put a lot of advertisers off advertising again on TV.

    • http://www.vbpoutsourcing.com KJ Rodgers

      I understand the direct response ads are not so hot on TV, but wouldn’t it be wise for a company who can afford these ads to use them just to spread awareness?

  • Barber

    First off, direct response advertising is, in fact, very profitable on TV, and has been for decades. Just ask Billy Mays (or Ron Popiel). People see a phone number or web address on TV, they contact the company, and they BUY. Direct response TV is a highly profitable sector. Let’s not mix up the web’s “direct response” (measured by the click) with the TV direct response (measured by the call/sale). The goal of direct response on TV is not collecting data for analytics, it’s for sales. Web marketers just don’t seem to get that.

    As for Google, I’d say their entry into TV is unnecessarily slow because they’re forcing the networks to interact with their web-ad oriented mechanism, which requires programming specifically for each network, and requires lots of cooperation by the networks. Agencies who work within the existing TV advertising sales paradigm have no trouble offering any and all channels to their clients — because the agencies are not forcing networks to accommodate proprietary software.

    More importantly, Google’s biggest problem is going to be * antitrust * and * restraint of trade *, as they attempt to swallow the entirety of the TV marketplace. Isn’t enough that Google has practically consumed the entire web?

  • Biggy Smalls

    Google has some pretty poor production affiliates with really bad ratings at the Better Business Bureau. I know at least one of them has an F Rating. Another Google production affiliate’s ads do not meet regular broadcast specification. You would not be able to air ads produced by them elsewhere without doing a lot more editing. We know that the dotcoms Cheap-TV-Spots and BareNakedAds have refused to become affiliates because of Google’s low quality taint. Also the bidding process at Google TV virtually guarantees higher airing costs as the client is bidding directly against other Google clients. It is a very odd and very inefficient system and a pretty poor deal for the mom and pop client. Agencies would not be interested in Google TV because it is slow and expensive. Agencies require “fast and inexpensive” for their clients. That is the fiduciary responsibility of any legit agency. Google is far from acting as fiduciary for any advertising client.

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