Google TV Ads Online Launched in Beta

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Google was testing an online version of its Google TV Ads. They’re now launching Google TV Ads Online in beta by invitation only.

It’s pretty cool because advertisers can target specific shows, and ads will show up whether they’re being broadcast on television or on the web. "These programs may appear in various places, including the websites of the networks which originally broadcast them and on other sites that specialize in video content," explains Google TV Ads Product Manager Geoff Smith. "What if an advertiser wants to reach the audience of a particular program, no matter whether they’re watching on a television or online?"

Advertisers can target specific shows and select their cost-per-thousand (CPM) bid. Then, based on targets, budgets and bids, ads are shown in the regular ad slot that would take place during a show’s originally airing. Ads can also be shown pre-roll or post-roll (below is a short video on Google TV Ads).

This news comes along with a another major announcement from Google. YouTube is now offering feature films and television shows. Naturally, this would seem like the logical time to introduce this online version of Google TV Ads. 

While Google TV Ads Online is only by invitation only, interested parties are encouraged to contact Erin Bouchier at erinb@google.com if they wish to be considered for the program.

Google TV Ads Online Launched in Beta
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  • http://www.hindlist.com afansaad

    Goodnews. Iam looking forward for it.

  • http://daviddhoop.com Disco King

    It’ll be fun to see how these execute their business model. Its
    not gonna be easy though. Advertisers need to have a global reach in this case. If that’s not the case then they’re doomed

    BTW – have u guys come across a blogger startup called www.blogertizeworld.com ??
    Its a seven month old startup which has raked in over $45K since launch (still in BETA) by selling adspace to bloggers. Now thats what I call smart marketing….

  • Setsufre

    This service is as misleading as Spot Runner’s disingenuous mock-system. It appears that it will cause clients to fail with TV advertising, with intentions of capturing them for Google online ads and adwords. In my opinion it’s nefarious, but a very sexy pitch for a novice businessperson that doesn’t know any better.

  • Veronica


    Do you, or WebProNews take consulting or ad dollars from Google?

  • http://ShaunsHouses.Com Guest

    How Much typically will this cost?

  • http://www.spreadingyourknowledge.com almir

    really cool i will certainly check it out its supposed to be really great

  • http://problogdesigns.blogspot.com/ Meet Delords the Blogger

    Its A Great Thing That Such Marketing Tool Is being
    Put in place for marketers, many people love sitting down
    and watching TV or Online Videos rather than reading so
    its going to be a real help for people to catch more

    I hope to get started soon with these.

  • http://www.eztrip.com/ Hotels

    This is neither here nor there, these ads do not look at though they will be effective, especially in the midst of a shrinking economy.

  • http://www.ascentent.com Ent Services

    Seems like Google wants to do everything.

  • http://www.internet-empire.com Seo Singapore

    This is an awesome BETA. Google is really leading the drive in this arena.

  • Miranda

    This is pretty neat, it is like Google searches targeting your area. I know when I search a restaurant in Colorado, I don’t need it showing up in California. I would like to be able to travel half way across the country to go to dinner then back home, but I am not lucky enough to have that. I work the normal 6-230 at DISH, and do not own a plane! So when I use the Revue I want things that are suited towards me, and not someone who is elsewhere. I want things that interest me, not others. Not to mention since I purchased it through work for a nice price of $179, I would settle for a few ads!

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