Google TV Ads Gets Game (Show Network)

    August 28, 2009

Companies that haven’t yet given Google TV Ads a shot should consider themselves presented with about 65 million new reasons to do so.  Google TV Ads has connected with the Game Show Network and its 65 million viewers.

To a certain degree, this move makes more sense than other advertising tie-ups.  Game shows often involve money and products that are available for purchase, after all, putting their viewers into a consumer-y frame of mind.

A post on Google’s Let’s Take it Offline blog also adds, "As the premier television network for games, GSN produces some of the most popular original casino and game show series on TV today. The typical demographic for GSN is pretty broad, with its audience consisting of adults in all ranges, who are interested in live game shows and interaction with TV shows."

Anyway, as the picture below proves, this development follows a number of other impressive partnerships involving Google TV Ads and various networks.  Despite the struggles and eventual demise of Google Audio Ads and Google Print Ads (with which Google TV Ads shared the "Offline" blog), Google TV Ads just keeps getting stronger.

Would-be users should know, "Once you upload your ad and set the CPM and budget, your ads will then be entered into the auction.  After your ads air, you will have access to reports measuring the number of impressions, CPM and audience retention based on accurate set-top-box data."