Google Tutor for Sale

    July 6, 2005

I began with a great idea-to provide practical, useful information for everyday users of Google. I knew that most people had no idea of what they could do with Google. The site was an instant success, receiving up to 5,000 unique visitors a day.

But, you may have noticed that I have not written a new article in a few weeks. As with many entrepreneurs-for me at least-the fun is in the initial idea. Now I’m on to other things. Sorry.

But, the web site has tons of great information in it, and hundreds of incoming site links/deep links form others. Even without writing for nearly a month, it’s still a popular site. It’s a great web site for a Google-lover who wants to be a blogger to step in to. If anyone is interested in buying the site, please email me at

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Mark Fleming is the founder of a new blog called Google Tutor & Advisor. Google Tutor & Advisor offers in-depth Tips, Techniques and Advice for Google Users.

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