Google Turns Nine(-ish)

    September 27, 2007

Some people refuse to accept that they’re aging.  Google’s okay with the idea; it just refuses to age at a reliable rate.  But the search giant has decided that today, September 27th, is its ninth birthday.

 Google Turns Nine(-ish)
Google Turns Nine(-ish)

The event’s being marked by the incorporation of a piñata into the company’s logo.  Otherwise, Google’s taking it easy – there aren’t yet any blog posts or press releases related to the birthday.

That’s okay, though, because the rest of the world appears to have generated plenty of coverage; a Google Blog Search for “Google’s birthday” returns 261,435 results, while a search for “Mexico’s independence” – which was achieved on this day in 1821 – yields just 17,543 hits.

Other events that Google seems to have outshone include the birthdays of Meat Loaf, Avril Lavigne, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

All these comparisons return us to the matter of when Google’s birthday really falls, though, and various accounts would put it on some very different days (and years).  Danny Sullivan did a great write-up of these histories, for anyone who’s interested.

I’m willing to stick with the corporate line, however, so long as the company doesn’t get too crazy about this.  Happy b-day, Google.