Google Trims Employee Dining

    August 25, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Back in April, when it was reported Google spends about $72 million ($7530 per employee) on feeding three meals a day to its employees from a robust chef-inspired menu, I wondered how long a public company with cost-conscious shareholders to answer to could keep up that kind of perk. Four months later, it looks like Google is trimming back.

Try dinner with the fam instead

Everybody’s favorite search engine and most coveted employer will no longer be offering dinner and a few other food services, according to an expected announcement to Googlers today.

Valleywag says the cutback stems from the loss of chefs to Facebook, leaving Google’s kitchen understaffed and the onus of restaffing the dinner shift itself, rather than the previous outsourcing. Sounds like a pretty convenient excuse to make some budget cuts.

The Wag also presents and rejects reports Sergey Brin once bemoaned how spoiling the employees had led to a sense of entitlement, all the way down to, in essence, "What? Management’s skimping on M&Ms now?"

Sometimes tight economies call for tighter budgets. There’s been no indication yet that economic conditions have had any real impact on Google’s budget, but it’s possible. More possible is that the company will continue to look for ways to trim expenses to increase margins. Barely missing Google-spoiled analyst estimates last quarter resulted in share prices currently below $500, where nobody likes them.

What’s next on the chopping block? Are masseurs, barbers, physical trainers employed at Google’s Emerald City in jeopardy? Sounds like Facebook could be interested.