Google Tries To Help After Myanmar Cyclone

    May 7, 2008

When Google’s making an important announcement, posts will sometimes appear on more than one corporate blog.  Posts relating to Myanmar have been put on at least three, and the Google homepage has been altered, as well.

As Josh Mendelsohn wrote on the Official Google Blog, here’s what may matter most: "[W]e’ve created a Checkout Donations page so you can easily donate to UNICEF or Direct Relief International.  Both organizations are working to directly assist the victims on the ground in Myanmar."

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 Google Does Its Part For Cyclone Victims

Five more well-intentioned entities are listed on the Google Grants Blog, and it’s a "Support victims of the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma)" message that showed up on  "Donate" links are prominent on both pages.

Short of shipping over employees or money (both of which stockholders might miss), Google appears to be doing everything it can.  With that in mind, then, it seems reasonable that the LatLong Blog is offering an animation of Cyclone Nargis’s movement.  Weather buffs are sure to find it interesting, and Google Earth fans almost always enjoy new things.

For the record, the BBC reports that aid is beginning to arrive in Myanmar, but CNN is running scary new death toll estimates.