Google Trends Now Has Hotness

    May 22, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The experimental Google Trends site has added another measurement for searches, highlighting the hottest trends for site visitors.

Google Trends shows how search terms have been queried over time. It plots the number of searches on a graph, and can plot multiple search terms to show how trendy they have been in comparison.

Barry Schwartz spotted something new on Google Trends. His Search Engine Land post picked up on the new Hot Trends section, recently added by Google’s mad scientists to the service.

“I was told to think of it as Google noticing a “sudden rise” in a query phrase, that is not in the norm for that query,” Barry said in his post. “The higher the rise, the hotter the query is. Google has a “hotness level” score for these queries, the hottest is ‘volcanic’, followed by ‘on fire,’ ‘spicy,’ ‘medium’ and ‘mild.'”

It sounds more like the lineup at Buffalo Wild Wings than a technology product, and who knows, maybe Google brainstormed this update over wings and beer. There is more to Hot Trends than just some flavorful names.

The top ten hot trends appear on the Trends home page. A link to more hot trends shows the top 100 as currently determined by Google. At press time, searches related to the final episode of ‘The Bachelor’ dominated the top ten.

Links to each hot item lead to a profile for it. The hotness scale appears there, along with a graph of its search volume, and a note as to when searches peaked for the term. Related news articles, blog posts, and web results will appear on the page, though right now only the blog posts feature seems to be working.

It’s fun to look at, and we expect Google to flesh it out more over time; how about image links for starters?