Google Translating 98% of the Internet’s Languages

By: Chris Crum - February 27, 2009

Google says it can now translate between the languages read by 98% of Internet users with Google Translate. The total of languages is up to 41. The most recent additions include:


"It’s exciting and satisfying to work on a product that can help people access content they may otherwise be unable to understand," says Google Translate Product Manager Jeff Chin. "We’ve heard stories of people using Google Translate to help them do business internationally, and we’ve seen many websites (e.g., New York’s Metro Transit Authority) and blogs add the Google Translate My Page Gadget to their pages to make their content more accessible to people from all over the world."

Google Translate

Google Translate is actually the first freely available machine translation system that translates for several of the languages it includes. Though as Chin admits, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Finding perfect machine translation is not easy to do.

Still, as he points out, many people who may not otherwise have a lot of web content available in their own language will be able to read a great deal more of what the web has to offer. Let’s just hope the translations are somewhat comprehensible.

Chris Crum

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  • Working

    I know it’s a great thing and i thanks to google for doin’ a great job.
    There are still problems with some translated phrases, because google is tryin’ to be natural .. i wouldn’t do that if doesn’t work properly.

  • net

    In this context is Google Translation Centre a threat to translation agencies? It is possible (and even probable) that initially a number of clients seeking to make savings will contact the translators directly. Over time these clients will either settle for the minimal solution and remain loyal to Google Translation Centre or they will wish to benefit from a veritable intermediary service and return to the agencies. I do hope so.

  • Brave Agent Pubeit

    Before google started, there was 1-2 sites that did free translation and they only did a few languages and if they were free they’d nag you to pay them. Google has been the one who has made it free and upped the languages to about 4 to about 40, and all can translate back and forth between each other instead of only certain languages to certain languages.

  • Darren Tan

    It’s really a heck of a job to be able to translate languages. I’ve used Google Translator for a long time and compared it with others. Still i believe Google Translator is the most convenient translator around. 😉

  • Hemroids

    I think that Google translation is another excellent free service that Google gives to us, thanks to Google.