Google Top Property In November

    December 16, 2008

The official start of the holiday shopping season saw Americans flock to online retail sites, boosting several categories, including toys, consumer electronics and department stores, to double-digit traffic gains in November, according to comScore.

"The current economic situation has caused retailers to slash prices and offer highly attractive offers, such as free shipping, to appeal to cost-conscious Americans this holiday season," commented Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix.

"With budgets a top concern for consumers, the ability to conveniently search the Web to find the best prices has become an increasingly important part of the holiday shopping buying process, for both online and offline purchases." 

Retailing was the top-gaining category for November with retail toys growing 24 percent to 31.3 million visitors during the month, led by Toyrus sites with 15.4 million visitors (up 65%), Barbie with nearly 4 million visitors (up15%), and KB Toys with 2.6 million visitors (up 119%).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals drove growth at department stores sites, which jumped 20 percent to 80 million visitors during November. landed the top position in the category with 44 million visitors, an increase of 50 percent from October. Target rose 26 percent to more than 39 million visitors, followed by JCPenny with 18 million visitors (up 39%) and with 16 million visitors (up 76%).

With popular electronic items like the Wii, iPods and Garmin GPS on holiday gift lists, consumer electronics category increased 17 percent to 55.8 million visitors. led the category with nearly 20 million visitors, a gain of 66 percent from the previous month. Circuit City followed in the second spot with 15.4 million visitors (up 42%), and Wal-Mart electronics grabbed the third spot, more than doubling to 9.5 million visitors.

Google sites continued to be the most visited property in November with 147 million visitors, trailed by Yahoo sites with nearly 144 million visitors and Microsoft sites with 123.5 million visitors.

 The holiday shopping season boosted several retailers including, Amazon (up one spot to #8 with 63.5 million visitors), Wal-Mart (up seven spots to #15 with 47.4 million visitors) and Target (up six spots to #18 with more than 39 million visitors).

Google Top Property In November