Google Toolbar Caters To IE

    December 12, 2007

Google may be rich and powerful, but even it can’t ignore the fact that Internet Explorer remains extremely popular.  So, despite its affinity for Firefox, the search giant has released a version of Google Toolbar 5 that works with IE.

Google Toolbar There’s quite a spread of features packed into this new product.  For newbies (or people with clumsy fingers), “Suggestions for navigation errors” will try to guide them to a working address.  More advanced users (and many of our readers) should instead be interested in a “PageRank Display” option.

And there’s just about everything you can imagine that falls in between, as well.  Convenience seems to have been a big focus of the update, and Ionut Alex Chitu writes, “Probably the most interesting new feature is that you can choose to save your settings on Google’s servers so you can access your buttons, settings and AutoFill data even if you don’t use the same computer.”

Google has yet to formally announce this update, so it may not be in absolute tip-top condition.  Still, it should be fun for whatever group of people uses IE and is interested in the Google Toolbar.