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Google Launches Browser Size Labs Experiment

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Google has launched a new Google Labs experiment called Browser Size, which is a tool aimed at helping webmasters see how others view their site. Google’s official description of the tool says:

Ever wondered what parts of your site can’t be seen without scrolling? Browser Size shows you what portion of users can see a give spot on the screen. This is not screen resolution but the area available to the browser – as gathered from www.google.com users.

Here is what it looks like:

Browser Size

"In a newspaper, the most important story is featured on the front page," says Google Senior Software Engineer, Bruno Bowden. "If it’s a really important piece, then it’s placed ‘above the fold,’ which means you can find it on the top half of the first page — the bottom half is folded behind and isn’t readily seen when you first look at the newspaper."

"The same concept applies to browsers as well," he adds. "There’s no clear line for "above the fold" on a browser — there are many different sizes of monitors, browsers are not always full screen and other things like toolbars can take up space. Consider a ‘Donate’ button on a non-profit site. If it’s far down the page, you may not see it when you first view the page. You can of course scroll downwards, but many people don’t scroll and will miss it entirely."

To use the tool, simply enter your URL and it will insert your page into the graph showing the percentage of people who are likely to see each area. Don’t be surprised if a lot of websites suddenly start shifting to the left.

The tool was one of Google’s "20% time" projects. A post on the Google Code blog has some interesting details about how the project came about and grew to what it is.

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Google Tool Shows Where the Eyeballs Go on Your Site
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  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    Now this should prove to be a fun tool for the blogoshpere and ecommerce sites. An objective view through our audience eyes and ability to improve the site. Good work!

  • http://contentmade.com Betsy M.

    I do admire google for creating such tools. This will be helpful to most website designers. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.desvadgama.com Des Vadgama

    Sounds like a handy tool – I look forward to trying it.

  • http://www.gigathoughts.com Amit Desai

    i have got my blog evaluated using Google’s browsing service and it has helped me identify certain critical areas where i can improve my visitor expereince and also help promoter important areas of my blog in much better way. you can see the complete analysis here http://www.gigathoughts.com/technology/google-labs-introduces-browser-size-tool-to-visually-evaluate-your-site-content.html

  • Guest

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  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Mats

    Pages that are centered are not visual in this. But you have to resize your browser to that width of your page size to correctly visualize what is visual to the user. A good tool nonetheless.

  • http://www.internet-marketing-muscle.com Bill Davis

    That is an eye opener! Can’t wait to see how website owners will react. Will they start making sites at 640×480 again or just put their value prop and USP in the upper lefthand corner???

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