Google To Track Santa With NORAD

    December 3, 2007

Google has announced a partnership with NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), and while that sounds alarming, there’s no need to build a bomb shelter.  Instead, bake some cookies and grab a glass of milk, because the two entities intend to track Santa.

Google To Track Santa With NORAD

NORAD’s an old hand at this game; an amusing (and Santa-believer safe) website describes how the tradition dates back to 1955.  Google, by contrast, will be helping out for the first time.  The search giant is handling its duties in a very enthusiastic manner, however, and is using technology including Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube, and iGoogle.

It has also put a post on the Official Google Blog, and the post happens to have been written by Carrie Farrell.  Farrell is the granddaughter of Colonel Harry Shoup, who first started the Santa-tracking custom at NORAD.  She wrote, “I can remember tracking Santa with my grandfather as a child, and I’m so proud to see my company carry on his vision of doing something this special for kids around the world.”

Farrell then added that there will be a new game or activity on the NORAD site every day until December 24th.

Either bring your kiddies to the computer or get back to baking, then.  Santa may spend less than a thousandth of a second at each house, but you’ll want his stay to be a pleasant one.