Google To Spur Growth In Podcasting?

    February 13, 2007

The proliferation of podcasting has been significantly slower than most analysts predicted when the medium burst onto the scene. Within the next two years, however, it is projected that the format will boom due to Google’s efforts in developing an advertising medium for the content platform.

Google To Spur Growth In Podcasting?
Google Help Usher In Podcasting Era?

Before online video bust onto the scene, we were presented with a broadcast gem that we currently call podcasting.

Many predicted that podcasting would be the “next big thing” in terms of social marketing and penetration. Its potential influence across both the business and social landscapes was lauded.

Then, YouTube exploded all over us.

Shortly thereafter, podcasting became the stepchild of the personal broadcasting realm. Lonelygirl15 captured the imagination of online viewers across the Internet, while audio podcasters saw their subscriptions stagnate.

James Belcher, an eMarketer analyst, believes that podcasting could emerge from the shadow of online video within the next two years.

MediaWeek has more on this:

That’s according to a report to be released by eMarketer this week, which finds that spending on podcasting advertising will quintuple over the next five years, from a paltry $80 million base in 2006 to a $400 million market in 2011. (Granted, this is still on the small side, considering the $20 billion interactive ad market expected this year.)

In developing AdSense for Podcasting, Google could play a pivotal role in the “second resurgence” of the medium. Belcher believes this technology could be in place as soon as 2008, and that the draw of monetization will lure many more would-be podcasters into the market.

Personally, I’ve always preferred podcasting. It’s not as formal as video, therefore the quality of the content often takes precedence over the presentation of the material. So I hope that Belcher’s prognostications are accurate, because a new surge in podcasting only means a greater wealth of information at everyone’s disposal.

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