Google To Show Ads Where You Want Them

    May 1, 2006

The Inside AdWords blog says that they are implementing a change in AdWords, where they try to determine for particular queries how much users want to see ads.

We constantly evaluate how our users interact with the ads we display and look for opportunities to show more ads when we think they’ll be useful – and fewer ads when we think that users might not want to see them. With this in mind, on queries such as car insurance’ or flowers,’ we try to show a wide selection of relevant ads to our users. And, for queries where users are most likely not interested in a product or service, such as dog friendly parks in Mountain View,’ we may aim to show fewer ads.

I wonder how Google plans to determine product queries from informational queries. Considering that the data for that could be used to create something akin to Yahoo’s Mindset, I hope someone at Google is thinking of that.

Oh, the opportunities. Google has so many nice toys

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