Google To Restructure, Add AdSense For Audio

    October 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

It’s funny how a whisper can sometimes push a hurricane; expect one to swirl up by Monday. The rumor, as was whispered into the ear of a DM News reporter, is that Google is about to undergo a major corporate restructuring just as they prepare to release AdSense for Audio.

Giselle Abramovich floated out a rumor post on Tuesday, the steady crescendo of which has expanded to discussion on at least five other well-known blogs.

According to Abramovich, Google “is a bout to set up an IBM-like structure. What this means is that there would be one global account director per account, that pulls in resources to sell as needed – PPC, Print, Radio, Video, Display, etc.”

And the blogosphere went flashback-squiggly, hearkening back to Google’s acquisitions of dMarc and YouTube. That was a dawning for some, but for the others, it became a cat’s-out-of-the bag situation. Abramovich’s little leak became a spilling of guts, moving bloggers to tell what they know.’s Jeff Molander was quick to quote three credible sources as the benefactor of what appear to be planned Google leaks. As David Utter reported, these leaks have been more prevalent in the past week, an apparent new Google strategy to gauge reaction before official release. Molander then expounds on the audio component of Google’s master plan.

AdSense for Audio would place contextual ads alongside podcasts, and perhaps other streaming media (like that found on YouTube), all the wayperhaps, perhaps, perhapsto radio and television. MTV is already on board.

Just to add to the speculation, I’m submitting Google has a killer audio-recognition technology that won’t rely on spidered transcripts. Remember the application that can listen to your television and serve up advertising?

Molander uncovers also, the well-turned phrase of the week, courtesy of Revenews’s Wayne Porter:

As Google turns you can feel the fabric of the media tear beneath your feet.

eWeek’s Steve Bryant says he’s been holding out for months, but in light of Molander’s post, felt he needed to come clean.

Earlier this year, Google contracted with several podcast engineers to help them develop Google AdSense for Audio. According to one source the product was originally slated for a 3Q release, but apparently it slipped behind a month or so.

There may also be an mp3 player in the works, but that could be the most speculative of all. But Bryant’s thoughts that this podcast search and ad technology could be integrated into mobile services, Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Desktop is probably right on the money.


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