Google to Reorganize Accounts System

    October 30, 2006

Richard MacManus writes about the talk that Google is preparing a reorganization of its accounts system to put a single manager in charge of each account, a system designed to maximize what Google can get from each advertiser.

Right now, Google has a series of advertising products and managers that don’t work as well together as they should, each operating almost in their own sphere. The new system would be a lot like IBMs, with each account falling under a single account manager, whose job would be to ensure that adertisers utilized all available channels, including web search AdWords, website AdSense, Audio advertising, and future channels (like print and TV ads, in theory).

Sounds great. Google can pull in a lot more money if advertisers can use it as a one-stop shop. Plus, it will make it easier for Google to acquire other ad firms and integrate them faster, by just making them another tool in an account manager’s pocket. Richard mentions Feedburner as a good target, and I completely agree. Feedburner has a ton of ad inventory, much of it under-utilized, and Google has little presence in some of their strengths, like RSS ads. With smart account managers, Google could acquire Feedburner and get the managers to start offering it to their clients, giving clients more places to put their ads, and thus more reasons to give money to Google.

There’s a lot more beyond that link. If you’ve got the time, you’ll enjoy reading it. Just keep following the links.



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